Good fishing before season closes
  |  First Published: June 2011

Monday June 13 is the trout season closing on the rivers and streams throughout this area, so be sure to check what waters are closed, this info is available from the Vic or NSW fisheries hand book.

Lake Hume

Surprisingly the lake has still been very consistent with anglers reporting good catches. The use of worms have been catching fish, but the bigger yabbies are getting the large yellow belly. Anglers are pulling up to trees, dropping a line, and getting belted by 3-5kg yellas.

A quick mention of a local angler Gary Hale was lucky enough to win the Pirtek Fishing Challenge held back in April with a 61.3cm yellowbelly, awesome work Gary and well done!

A few reports of trout have been promising so trolling runs across the wall, and surrounding areas seems to the current hot spot.

You will find trolling the right lure around other areas may bring a bit of luck your way. Trolling looking for the thermocline on your sounder will show fish arches just above or below the line. The deeper the water the more prominent the line will appear.

Bank fishing the lake is still been a good family day out, as the weather has been quite nice most weekends. Recently the Hartley family had ball catching a few carp, and redfin while bait fishing around the Granya area.

Local Rivers

The upper reaches of the Kiewa and Mitta Rivers are very popular flyfishing destinations this time of year as the closed season is only a few weeks away, and most of the roads are still yet to close.

Rivers like the Ovens and King are also fishing well.

Other waters

The Dartmouth pondage has been reporting swags of catches of brown and rainbow trout. Fly casting and bait fishing with worms appears to be the go. Some reports of 2-3kg brown trout have been mentioned around tackle shops, so like most waterways the big ones are out there, it’s just a matter of time before one of them wants to say hello.

Keep warm

With winter upon us it is time to get prepared for the cold and changing conditions. I always have a bag made up in my boat or car with a full change of warm winter clothes. Even if the weather looks good as you leave the ramp, many a time I have seen Lake Hume and Dartmouth turn from glass to gale force winds in minutes, so being over prepared is better than being under prepared, and sitting in a boat shivering all day.

Once you’ve got a chill it’s hard to warm up.

I bought a top and bottom of thermal skins type under wear last year and with them on, ski overalls, and a thick parker I was able to fish all day casting up at Dartmouth in sleeting conditions and stayed warm: even with wearing my PFD it wasn’t too cumbersome. But I still had the extra clothes just in case.

Having the ability to cook on your boat is a good thing as well. But remember that the smell of a nice hot snag may bring you some new friends! Warm drinks and soups from a thermos will help keep up your core temp.

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