Cracking June on the way
  |  First Published: June 2011

All the signs are looking great for a cracking June on the lake, with some trout continuing to come up in the water column as the surface temperature drops.

So bring on the edge bite, many others and I can’t wait.

Of late I have been trying some different tactics to what I normally would with the trout. I’m fishing deeper than normal for this time of year going deeper with 1/8th oz jig heads matched with 3” Gulp Camo Craws or 2” Gulp jigging grubs. While looking for treed edges in 10-14m of water and using my sounder I was able to snare some good fish up to 1kg.

Get your plastic down to the bottom, then give 2-3 violent lifts of the rod, and let it settle back to the bottom. Do this 2 or 3 times then slow roll up until your lure is at about 8m, then speed it up to double your rate. It was as my leader appears all the fish were striking in 2-3m (all browns too I might add).

I also hooked a fish right on the edge of a rock wall on a Norries Laydown Minnow, which peeled about 15m of line in the blink of an eye. It probably was the rainbow of a lifetime: this thing felt like a mulloway as it was super fast and very heavy.

Local angler Oosty and his pal Tony Battiston had a great weekend fishing the Howqua, pulling loads of pan-size trout and returning what they didn’t need, of course. Old school techniques using a hook and a scrub worm, simple and very effective.

On the way home the guys decided to throw a line in to the Big River. This was a good idea in the end with Tony catching a fish that was a great 1kg when cleaned. Tony’s young daughter Jasmine doesn’t mind catching a trout either.

Isn’t life great, a family camping on the river catching a feed, fresh air, does it get any better folks? I don’t think so.


It would be fair to say the last two weeks of the trout season on the rivers will be awesome.

Hopefully for the first time in a long time the Goulburn will be up. They are going to have to let some water go before winter, surely?

Let’s hope we get to fish it, I think the fishing will be amazing (fingers crossed). Even with the lower levels it has been fishing well with predominately brown getting caught up to 1.5kg and some cracking redfin also in the rivers obviously flushed out of back waters in the floods.


Very little rain over the last month has seen it clean up even more and is looking great and fishing very well. Browns up to 1kg have been taken. The best lures have been Black and Gold Berkley T Tails and 1” Power Nymphs.


One punter I spoke to recently got absolutely smoked by what is suspected to be a large Atlantic salmon on 2kg line; not much of a chance in fast flowing shallow water.

There are still plenty of browns willing to play, so get up here before the season closes.

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