Good water, good fishing
  |  First Published: February 2008

Thankfully the powers to be have either made a decision to save our water and have kept the Goulburn River releases down to a minimum. I realise that this may not over joy farmers, but as anglers, it’s good news.

Lake Eildon

It’s great to get some reports of redfin from the lake. Several fine specimens in excess of 1.5kg have been caught in Devils Inlet near Frasers National Park. Once again the anglers ‘tree hopped’ until they found the school, and when they did it was yabbies that worked the best.

There have been more reports of golden perch and the odd Murray cod turning up and taking trolled deep diving lures along the steeper rock walls. The new Oargee range, with coloured bibs and eyes painted on the bib, seem to work for those who prefer a larger presentation. I recently got smashed on a purple one but failed to land the fish.

With the hot weather, trout have been slow, so I encourage you to fish in the cooler part of the day, either morning or night. Alternatively you could try downrigging for them.

Eildon Pondage

The fishing in the Pondage is a little hit and miss. Some anglers are producing fantastic fish with reports of 4kg trout taking lures. Early morning has been best, as there is a tendency for the trout to go off the bite as soon as the sun hits the water. Bait fishers have also tussled with fish up to 2.2kg on the usual baits. At this time of the year, for ease of fishing with kids, baitfishing with Powerbait has been a successful method of catching the newly stocked yearlings. If you can get hold of them, mudeyes are the answer at dusk.

Goulburn River

The Goulburn is low and cold. Recent rain tainted the water for a week or so, but it’s back to normal now. Best reports have come from the flyfishers who are finally benefiting from a slow ’hopper season. Casting close to the grass banks has produced quality trout up to 1.5kg. Evening rises have been promising, with the warmer nights. Kosie Duns, Klinkhammers, and Parachute Adams are just a few of the better flies.

Lure anglers are doing quite well also, with the Vibrax, Blue Fox and Celta range of lures generally doing best. Soft plastics are also worth a try - remember the trout Daniel Bouma caught a few months back.

Rubicon and Acheron River

The Acheron finally gets a good mention, with a work colleague of mine landing three fish one night on gents, and, with another friend, 15 the next night on fly. The best fly by a far was a white elk hair caddis pattern, and the fish ranged from small through to 1kg.

The Rubicon is the place for those who fish grasshoppers to target the big Goulburn fish moving up for a free feed. Hopper choice is important. Rick Keam’s hoppers are renowned for their incredible likeness to the real thing, while Mick Hall’s Chopper Hopper just works really well. I can’t compliment it enough, but Mr Speckles is the final judge, and he loves it too! You can get away with copies of either of these patterns, but I try to create a hybrid pattern of two.

The Rubber Legged Hopper distributed by Clarkson Imports to all good tackle shops is a fantastic off-the-shelf choice, too. Pick ones with well spread out legs that are not too large. The bland fawny colors are very effective.

Cod Classic

I know it’s not my area, but this year I was lucky enough to participate in the Cod Classic at Mulwala. This was an extremely well-run event. My fishing partner, Graeme Sadler, and I had an absolute ball ­– him more than me as he had a 79cm cod by 9.30am on the Saturday. I urge anyone interested to have a go next year.

Andrew Cannon with a double-header of redfin at Lake Eildon.

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