Long Wet, Fed Fish
  |  First Published: May 2011

We are going into May wondering if our wet season will ever end! This is all good news as it’s the longest wet season we have had for over 20 years, which will make the nutrient rich waters get the fish switched on out the front.

The beach has been the best place as the king salmon and barramundi have been out the front waiting for the fresh to stop before heading back into the system. Saltwater showing in the rivers will make May the best time to troll up some big barra and enjoy success without the heat.

We should have a great few months coming up with plenty of queenies to get the ball rolling out near the sand island. These fish are great fun on poppers. Just troll around until you locate them and then drift while casting at the schools. Try and always keep one on the line as you cast, as they will hang around as long as you keep giving them something to chase.

There should still be a good supply of mud crabs around and they will not be too hard to catch. Please remember to put the correct details on your pots and only check those that belong to you. Croc & Crab do tours up the river, which include good information on how and where to catch them. Mark and Julie-Anne Grunske will also show you how to tie them without losing fingers.

We have had some major issues with the highway between Normanton and Karumba, near Normanton. Please check with the Normanton Police on 07 4745 1133 before you leave to save any unwanted delays when you get up here.

Grunter have started to turn up around the sand island and this is a pleasant surprise because we have not seen any about for the last two years. You can find them out the front in the famous grunter hole in front of the airport windsock.


Another Big Wet – even bigger than last year! We got more rain in one day than during the whole of March last year!

Typically, just like the stoic Gulflanders, the fish took the floods in their stride and continued on the bite through April. Mick landed several nice saltwater barra, red emperor and jewfish. He generously threw several smaller cousins back for paying guests due later in the month.

Gear used for the barra included a 6ft graphite rod, Reidy’s Barra lure, Shimano 300lb, spooled with braid and a nylon leader. For the red emperor and jewfish he used an 80lb hand line with a 6/0 hook and running sinker with fish flesh for bait.

Our regular early birds – the Wellings Group from SA – rocked up in April and we will see what they catch, as they know the area now and should produce the goods for the next report.

The weather throughout Queensland has been difficult to follow or predict but for Sweers that element of uncertainty has always been a bonus, producing a mixed bag for lucky anglers.

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