90 Miles of Good Fishing
  |  First Published: April 2011

There’s one good thing about having cold westerly weather. It gets rid of all the weed!

Anglers are very happy about this indeed, normally we are still getting horrible amounts of weed at this time of year, however, for the past few weeks, there’s none to be seen.

I guess this is the reason why the fishing reports are thick with good stories.

There’s lots of different species around at the moment, but most people are raving about the gummy sharks and elephant fish. The gummies are around in massive numbers and it isn’t uncommon to catch your bag limit of good-sized metre long gummies, not too mention the countless undersize gummy sharks and school sharks.

The elephants have turned up over the past couple of weeks and they are thick. Most groups of anglers are getting 4-5 a night and some nights they are so prolific, that all you can catch is elephant fish.

Bluebait has been by far the best bait to use on both the gummies and elephant fish, and just a simple paternoster rig is all that is needed. Most anglers are opting to put a surf popper on as well. The poppers are still catching quite a few sharks as well and also salmon and tailor.

Massive Tailor

There are some massive tailor cruising in close at the moment that are 50cm and over, which are thumpers for our area.

Some anglers are even getting bitten off with light wire, so there must be some fish out there with some nasty teeth happening. If you get a tailor, I would seriously use it for bait. Tailor fillets have nearly been a 100% sure thing in catching a good shark at night.

Along with the tailor, there are some good salmon. Nothing too special during the night, but good bait sized fish, and again I would be filleting them for bait for gummies.

During the daytime, there are some really big salmon getting around, especially around McLoughlins surf beach and Woodside.

I’ve heard of a few salmon nearly reaching the 10lb mark. It might pay to start spinning the surf sooner than expected if fish like this are already around.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544. You will get expert advice and great deals on fishing bait and tackle.

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