Redfin fishing is terrific
  |  First Published: April 2011

The redfin fishing in Central Victoria is currently booming.

Many of the local impoundments are currently producing the best redfin fishing in over a decade. This great run of redfin fishing should continue for a while. The native fishing has been a lot slower and the productivity in our local rivers is lower than many anglers’ expectations.


The redfin fishing in Lake Eppalock is currently sensational. It is currently producing some exceptional numbers of redfin. It is quite common for anglers to land a couple of hundred redfin in single days fishing. I have been doing a few tours with my business Cod Hunter Fishing Tours to this destination. It has been terrific for my clients when the fishing has been so good for the sheer numbers of fish that can be caught in a day.

I have also been lucky enough to have plenty of days fishing personally at this destination and am having a ball. Water levels have recently stabilised and the lakes capacity is still at 100% of capacity. This has been amazing for the levels to be so high at this time of the year. Water clarity is currently good however there is still a significant amount of blue green algae in the water.

It can be a game of cat and mouse when chasing the redfin in Lake Eppalock at the moment. The fish are moving around a lot. If you find a good concentration of fish in a certain location, there is a good chance the next time you go out the fish will have moved on. The larger redfin are predominantly feeding on juvenile redfin.

If you can find a concentration of juvenile redfin on your fish finder there will be inevitably be some larger redfin nearby. The majority of redfin are still being caught in shallow water. Fishing depths of 2-3m of water has been most productive. The redfin have started to move into slightly deeper water in the last two weeks. If water levels continue to decline this trend will persist.

We have found when the redfin are less aggressive the most productive fishing is on or slightly off the bottom. The most productive fishing is when the reddies are holding in the middle of the water column. Many different styles of lures continue to be productive on the redfin. Soft plastics, small hardbodied lures, blades, and ice jigs are all good options.

My most productive lure on the majority of days has been Jackall Mask vibes. Unfortunately the golden perch fishing continues to be very slow in the lake with only the occasional golden being landed.


There has been some very productive fishing in the Campaspe River below the spillway at Lake Eppalock. The majority of fish being caught here have been small redfin with the occasional good redfin weighing up to 1kg being landed. There has also been small numbers of golden perch being caught here.

The spillway will stop running shortly unless we get more substantial rainfall. If the spillway does stop running the productivity in the fishing will decrease dramatically in this section. Water clarity has been poor further downstream at both Elmore and Rochester. Water clarity is now starting to improve and we should start to see an increase in the numbers of fish being caught in these sections of the Campaspe in the next few weeks.


The fishing has also been very good in Cairn Curran. Redfin are making up the majority of captures. Unfortunately most anglers have been mainly landing small redfin around the edges of the lake. A few lucky anglers have located some schools of larger redfin with a few specimens of 2kg redfin being landed. There was some good fishing for the golden perch recently in Cairn Curran. The majority of the golden perch were caught in the bottom end of the lake trolling medium-sized hardbodied lures in 3-4m. The numbers of golden perch being caught has reduced in the last couple of weeks. The redfin fishing should continue to improve in this destination over the next few months.


The fishing has continued to be slow in the Loddon River mainly due to high flows and poor water clarity. Unfortunately some problems with the Laanecoorie weir has seen increased flows coming out of the reservoir. Poor clarity from here has meant the Loddon River has taken longer to settle.

The numbers of fish being caught here has started to decrease recently. The rest of the Loddon River the fishing has been slow. Water clarity is now starting to settle and if we don’t get any more substantial rainfall in the short term the fishing should fire up shortly.

The author displays a quality redfin caught on a Jackall Mask vibe at lake Eppalock.

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