Berley for a Hot Spot anywhere
  |  First Published: April 2011


This month’s hotspot is a little different to the norm. It is all based on the art of berleying. I travel a lot, and I can tell you that no one knows berley better than Victorians.

In saying that, I am sure we all still have plenty to learn.


If you are fishing, then it is the prime time to use berley. It is such an effective tool in bringing fish to you and encouraging them to feed.

It may take a little while to do its thing, so just be patient and the good times will come.


There are many different berley apparatus on the market. All of which are designed to get your berley to where it needs to be.

Stainless cages, Secret weapon, Neptune blue and yellow pots, Seadog plastic pots, stainless steel and polyethylene bolt on boat models and even berley floats and feeder cages that attach directly to your line.

The most important thing here is getting the right advice as to which one will suit you best.


There is a very simple philosophy that rings true for berleying techniques in general.

A little, often.

Never fall for the trap of thinking that a lot all at once will do the job. The idea is to bring the fish within range, but not over feed them.

You still want them to eat your offering. Make sure you think about the species you are targeting and add the berley to the water in the best possible method for that fish.

Garfish for example, will respond best to a tuna oil slick and very fine (if any) actual berley.

A few gents tossed in to the water every now and then will get them going.


Both bait and lure fishing can benefit from berleying. Casting soft plastics down a berley trail is a great way to catch a whole host of species. There are very few instances when I bait fish, that I don’t berley.

It is the single most effective way of increasing your catch rate when bait fishing.


Make sure you take note of currents and tides.

Your berley may be taking fish away from you. Watch carefully to see where your trail ends up.


Add beach sand to your berley mixture to help it sink.

Trevally swarm to a berley of tuna oil and fine fish scraps. Prior to berley entering the water, there was not a fish in sight.

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