Sharks and Kings dominate
  |  First Published: March 2011

The hot summer weather has finally arrived and it’s during this time of year that makes it even easier to get up early in the morning and head out for a fish.

This is the best time of year for fishing in Bass Strait, as there is an array of species to choose from, and with so much activity going on you have a lot to pick from, from shark to salmon and yellowtail kingfish, it’s all quality fishing out there.


Patience is the name of the game with shark fishing, but well worth the wait when they do arrive. Recently we have caught makos ranging 30-40kg and blue, school and thresher shark, so there still is plenty of shark activity in Bass Strait. Make sure when you berley up that you are using quality berley and then sit back and enjoy the scenery, because once the big one arrives it’s all action packed from there in.

Australian Salmon

Salmon have been making a consistent appearance this season with plenty of schools busting up in and around the rip. They are coming in good size and numbers. We are using light gear and white ockies and the salmon are proving to be a great entertainer.

Snapper, Nannygai and Flathead

Pinkies are still out in Bass Strait around the 50m line, where you may also come across some nannygai. Although the pinkies are no longer the feature for the season, they are still there if you seek them. While out there don’t forget your feed of flathead, which can be found in the east using squid for bait.

Yellowtail Kingfish

The elusive kingfish are on the bite and they sure can put an anglers patience to the test. At this stage you can find them trolling near Barwon Heads and white ockies are their preference. At this time of year the yellowtail kingfish is the most elusive species out there, however they do provide a decent fight. And when you catch one that’s another species you have conquered and another tale to tell.

Striped Tuna

There have been reports of some striped tuna out in the Strait. They too are as elusive as the kingfish, however again persistence is the key and soon the day will come when you will be rewarded.


We will be seeing the whiting showing up in March, so for some fun arm yourself with your light gear and some squid and hopefully you will bring home a decent feed.

With the warmer weather finally upon us we are seeing many people take advantage of the fine fishing out in Bass Strait. Always make boat safety a priority and if unsure about heading offshore make sure you have someone experienced on board to guide you. Also with the hot temperatures make sure you drink plenty of water while on board to avoid getting sun stroke or dehydrated.

Now with that said enjoy what Bass Strait has on offer, whether it’s targeting your favourite species or adding a new species to your list of captures, enjoy for it’s prime time out in Bass Strait.

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