Hot summer fishing up high
  |  First Published: December 2007

Alpine rivers continue to flow at normal summer levels, and are fishing very well. Most trout are 400-750g, but larger specimens to 1.5kg are also being taken, mostly after dark.

An abundance of insect life and moths around alpine rivers this month are providing lots of exciting action for flyfishers. Brown trout to 1kg or more have been rising to strike aggressively at almost any dry fly presented. It appears that the size of the dry fly is more important than the pattern, as trout seem to have no preferences concerning the latter.

Falls Creek

Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley reservoirs at Falls Creek are both at full capacity this month and fishing extremely well. Rainbow trout have been rising to suck down literally thousands of small green beetles. Every year, these beetles gather along the shoreline in numbers too vast to count, from where they take to the air on their mating flights. Many end up in the lake, then, as the wind subsides at dusk, you can see literally hundreds of trout rising simultaneously to take these hapless beetles as they float along the wind lanes. Flyfishers who can put out a very long line to reach the larger wind lanes, regularly hook into rainbows of 2kg or more.

Mt Beauty Pondage (Fiona Pond)

The Pondage water level fluctuates regularly and quite quickly in summer, in accordance with hydro-generating requirements, but it is currently full and producing rainbow trout that average 750g, throughout the day. Drifted grasshoppers are the favourite bait just now, with mudeyes under a bubble float also doing well. Canoes and small boats are allowed on the Pondage, giving anglers easy access to the best fishing spots.

Kiewa River

The Kiewa River is flowing extremely well, and the water is cold. Brown trout to around 1kg, and many smaller, are being taken by all fishing methods. Drifted grasshoppers are the most popular and easily obtained bait this month. One report to hand is of a chap who caught and released nine trout in a morning’s fishing recently using grasshoppers.

A variety of lures are also proving effective, especially when worked through the deeper runs above the Tawonga Caravan Park area.

Lower Mitta Mitta River

The lower Mitta Mitta River from Mitta Mitta to Eskdale is flowing at 200 megalitres per day and is in excellent condition. It is producing many pan-sized brown trout from around the Magorra Caravan Park area at Mitta Mitta. Most fish are being caught on grasshoppers and mudeyes.

Alpine fishing conditions can change very quickly whatever the season, so for the latest update phone Geoff Lacey at Angling Expeditions Victoria on (03) 5754 1466 or check out website www.anglingvic.com.au

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