Cooler, easier fishing
  |  First Published: March 2011

As the weather starts to cool towards the end of the month, Blowering Dam’s native fish will be easier to catch for longer periods during the day.

This is good news for those that don’t like fishing at night or just can’t get out after dark.

The best fishing, particularly for natives, will still be late in the day and into the night. Trolling until you find a patch of fish is the best way of hooking into a few big natives.

Those targeting Murray cod seem to be doing best on hardbodies from 100mm to 150mm but there are still plenty willing to hit a spinnerbait or large lipless crankbait, either cast or trolled.

The best depths to target vary from day to day so run a good spread of lures that dive at different depths until you find where the fish are holding on the day.

As a starting point, the fish can be found anywhere from 3m down to about 9m and this varies from day to day or night, so keep your options open.

Golden perch anglers have picked up good numbers of fish in recent months and I’d say the golden action was better over Summer than during Spring. That said, now that they have finally started playing the game I think we can good catches until the water drops below 12°.


Golden perch will now be more active during the day but again your best bet is to fish late in the day and into the night, trolling until you find active fish and then casting your arms off until the action stops.

Lipless crankbaits, in particular the silent ones, are the best lures to cast to Blowering goldens. I have been doing really well on the new Sébile Flatt Shad and Jackall Mask Vibs.

The lack of a rattle is a big advantage on highly pressured fish.

Sure, when the fish are on it is hard to beat a rattling lipless but many times a rattling lure will scare more fish then it attracts.

I have observed silent lipless crankbaits outperform rattling versions more often than not.

The Sébile models are among the very few silent lipless crankbaits on the market. I have also plenty of success with these lures on Murray cod, bass, redfin and trout so, just like their noisy cousins, these lures will catch a whole host of freshwater species and are a valued addition to my tackle box.


After several good flushes, all the creeks in the area look their best for years and are fishing superbly.

Due to the extra flow and extra food, the trout are much bigger than their average size over the past five years.

Most streams were well and truly up to the trout spawning standards and received a massive natural boost in numbers.

I have heard that there were also extra trout stocked into some of these creeks that already had the signs of spawning success. That raises the question whether these fish could have been stocked somewhere else to benefit anglers and trout stocks better.

Either way, all’s good and the local streams are now teeming with trout, due to natural recruitment and the extra hatchery stockings.

All techniques are catching fish regularly, although spinning with bright, flashy lures has been the best way of getting really good numbers of fish.

Fly anglers have also been taking plenty but the higher and slightly dirty flow means many more casts are needed to cover a hole.

This has not affected the catch rate, just the number of casts in between hits, but if you’re willing to put in the casts you will be rewarded.

The slightly dirty water has also suited the bait fishos, who have scored plenty of good fish lately.

So get out there and make the most of some of the best fishing conditions seen in our creeks for more than a decade.

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