Powertech 5-in-1 Power Station
  |  First Published: April 2011

New from Korr Lighting and a certainty to be popular, is the Powertech 5-in-1 power station.

There are five components that make this kit so useful: an emergency 12V jump start capacity thanks to the Powertech’s in-built 12V battery; 260 psi air compressor; a 400Wt power inverter; 12V power station and; a work light.

The entire package is cased in heavy duty rubber high impact housing, with a large carry handle and is quite compact at a mere 32cm high, 27cm wide, 20cm deep and it can be easily stored ready for use in a car or boat. The unit weighs just 8kg, making it easy to transport. It can also be used at home in an emergency.

With both a 12V d/c cigarette lighter jack for in-car charging, an external 240V lead for mains power charging the unit has dual means of maintaining its charge yet power extraction is simplified thanks to an A/C socket to plug in items like lap top computers, TVs, a microwave unit or whatever into the inverter.

The Powertech’s compact design sees all features easily identified on both the front and rear of the unit. Outlets for twin 12V D/C outlets plus dials for air pressure, volt meter and the on/off switches for compressor and work light (all on the front of the Powertech) have a lift up plexi glass cover to keep them in good shape.

On the rear there’s a spare fuse, invertor on/off switch, 240V a/c outlet and on/off switch for the in built air compressor, again all easily identified.

Those are the main features but one cannot overlook the sheer versatility of the kit plus overall usefulness to a camper, traveller or even in the boat for that matter.

To support compressor usage ( the lead is stored within a dedicated space within the unit with a cover over it ) the ample battery capacity means that virtually any 12V tool, car vacuum cleaner, camping lights or spotlights can be put into service instantly.

To facilitate jump starting a vehicle or boat with the in-built battery the red and black leads are stored each end of the unit, in dedicated housings.

To give the Powertech some work I plugged in a lap top computer to the 240V outlet, flicked the switch and the lap top worked for hours before I eventually turned it off having given up trying to flatten the battery.

Buy the Powertech unit online at the Korr Lighting website www.korrlighting.com.au and it costs just $129, great value for money given the handiness of the unit.

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