Flood refreshes ‘Pin
  |  First Published: March 2011

Eels, rays, sharks and catfish have been the order of the day lately. While these fish are fun to catch, as the water quality improves the fishing should behing to return back to normal and bream, whiting, flathead, jew and tailor will start to make up the bulk catches.

The surf off South Straddie is a great place to start for a feed of bream and tailor if you don’t mind a decent walk across the island. The water will be clean and there may even be a jew, trevally or whiting on offer.

Use pilchards, prawns and bonito chunks for the bream and tailor and fishing on an incoming tide in a deep gutter at night will greatly increase your chances of a feed.

Inside the Bar bream should be available in all the usual hot spots like Kalinga Bank, Short Island, Cobby Passage, the Five Ways and Fishermans Channel.

Flathead have had a great start to the year with plenty being caught and the same can be expected during March. I think I’ve caught at least one lizard on each trip recently. They are available in a variety of spots and on different baits like pillies, prawns, whitebait and lures. Get out there and get amongst them.

I even caught a flathead trolling a lure in front of Cabbage Tree boat ramp on a busy Saturday morning so the boat traffic doesn’t seem to put them off. Try around Cabbage Tree Point, Tabby mud flats, the Stockyards, Cobby Passage mouth, Tipplers Channel and Kalinga Bank.

Whiting have also got off to a flying start this year, especially around the sand flats at the top of South Straddie. The current runs pretty hard through there but near the change of the tide as the water slows is a great time to give it a go.

Try around the Never Fail Islands, Tipplers Channel, Tiger Mullet Channel, Diner Island and the mouth of the Logan River as well. Stick with worms as bait for best results.

Some big jew should be on the chew at night off the point of Short Island, Marks Rocks and the deep water off Swan Bay. A regular fisho told me about a 20lb fish he had sharked at the side of the boat that was bitten off clean behind the gills at night around Short Island.

There are plenty of under sized ones about and a mate of mine nearly shed a tear when I told him he had to put his 60cm jew back because it was undersized. The legal size limit of a jewfish is 75cm and there is a bag limit of two. The best baits are live mullet, mullet, tailor, bonito flesh, pilchards or banana prawns.

Small schools of tailor should be moving through the Bar this month feeding on whitebait schools so keep an eye out for birds diving or put a floated pillie out when fishing and you should pick one up. Haven’t had too much big stuff for a while but the better ones seem to be coming from the beaches of South and North Straddie.

Jacks and cod have been reasonably quiet because of the mild summer temps but try around any sunken tree, snag or rock wall as most of these structures may hold a resident fighter. Use livies, big fillets, big prawns or pillies for a crack at these fish.

Muddies should be everywhere after all the creeks and rivers have been thoroughly flushed out; we’ve even been catching on them on the line quite regularly.

andies should be on the march too, so try Jacobs Well main channel right to Rocky Point and beyond to the Powerlines on the small drop-offs and holes for a feed.

Thanks for all your reports and fish weighed in and if you’d like any up to date info on what’s happening at the ‘Pin drop us a line on 3287 3868 or email --e-mail address hidden--

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