Quintrex 4.20 Busta: Won’t Break The Bank
  |  First Published: March 2011

The 4.20 Quintrex Busta Millennium hull is an entry level craft designed to position Quintrex favourably within a rapidly expanding yet highly competitive market.

Pointy punts certainly have their following but it seems a lot of people want a small conventionally styled (and usually lighter) craft to get them onto the water for a bit of river, dam or estuary fishing. Most anglers are willing to forgo frills and extra features for a basic craft that will fit the whole family out to catch a quick feed of fish (or crabs).

Owners of larger craft might also see the value in the 4.20 Busta as a tender; given its roominess and inherent stability.

Nevertheless, the little Busta, with its Suzuki 30hp two-stroke, is more than just a basic rig when we look at the standard features.

No frills useful features

Up at the bow there’s a self-draining anchor well with a small amount of fore deck each side. Grab rails and a cleat are positioned directly aft of the deck bulkhead with a full width storage area and a carpet covered hatch.

A flat, carpeted, floor is set up between the front and rear seats. The floor-to-seat height was very comfortable, whether seated up front or at the tiller of the engine. Both seats are equipped with flotation material under them to ensure level flotation.

Paired side pockets within the craft were large enough to hold personal items and were within easy reach of anyone seated on the aft thwart. Grab handles were also featured at the stern, as were carpeted above-floor pads between the seat and the craft’s near full height transom. In the test craft, one pad was set up with the outboard’s tote tank, the other available for a battery if required.

Completing stern features were a boarding step to port, and a transducer bracket to starboard. In all, a practical and user friendly set up.

Lively performance

The Quintrex 4.20 Busta is rated for engines from 20-30hp, but final selection would depend on an individual user’s requirements. The punchy 30hp Suzuki is ideal for four aboard, but with only one or two riders as the norm the engine could easily be down sized.

The Busta’s hull planes very readily thanks to its good design and light weight. Figures recorded saw the hull planing at 11.5km/h with the Suzuki hardly working, and a twist of throttle to near full power saw 38.7km/h recorded on my hand held GPS unit.

The Suzuki 30 was straight from the box yet started first pull of the cord to hum away quite happily with virtually no visible smoke. The tiller steer rig was very lively yet well balanced and with two aboard went very strongly indeed. A few more hours of work from the outboard would likely see an increase in the 38.7km/h top speed without much trouble.

Ride and handling

How much can we expect from a tiller steer 4.2m pressed alloy open boat such as this? I was more than satisfied with the Busta in light chop and the ride was much kinder than I expected.

Even though I could feel the impact from the chop encountered during runs within Bramble Bay out from Scarborough, on this less than calm morning the hull didn’t pound nor bang to the extent where it was necessary to reduce speed to increase comfort at any stage.

The Busta’s Millennium hull did its job very well with the fine bow slicing neatly into small waves while the above water flare ensured that displaced water stayed well away from the craft’s interior. The hull was quick to rise to the plane, easy to take off the plane and settle back down again. In fact, it exhibited no vices when compared to other small craft of its size.

The Busta’s 1.84m wide and 4.2m long hull gives noteworthy stability; the substantial width to length ratio works in its favour. There are also five strakes each side of the craft’s substantial keel and, despite the hull’s well shaped 8º Vee at the transom, it was not tender at rest.

Quintrex have been manufacturing small alloy hulls for a long time and the heritage shows. I stood up on a seat to take the photos of the rear section of the craft with confidence.


For work within rivers, lakes, estuary and even quiet sections of the bay, the little Busta will be well received.

It’s virtually all fishing room and the craft’s interior side height, at 630mm, will give Mum and Dad confidence to take the kids fishing or crabbing. Even the more dedicated anglers are sure to appreciate the ride quality, stability and ease of performance to assist them in their fishing endeavours.

With the Suzuki 30 on the transom it’s certainly a quick little boat. And with that power it would also be handy when a solid team is aboard.

Summing Up

The Quintrex 4.20 Busta 30hp Suzuki two stroke outboard package is well worth a look for someone seeking a tinny for general sheltered water fishing. It’s strongly made with five cross ribs traversing both sides and floor areas.

There are sufficient features to make fishing a pleasure; the big storage locker for PFDs up front plus the carpeted floor for ease of movement. With a trailer, safety gear, life jackets and paddles the drive home price of $7,700 is razor sharp! It even has a 3 year hull warranty.

The test craft was supplied by Cunningham’s Marine and contact details are (07) 3284 2342, fax (07) 3284 9155 or email to --e-mail address hidden-- for further information.

Technical Information

Fuel: Tote tank, 20L
Engines: 25-40hp
Engine fitted:30hp Suzuki two-stroke.
Towing:Family sedan, big four or six.
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