ARB’s Modular Draws System
  |  First Published: March 2011

This vehicular storage system, exclusive to ARB, is suited to a great many vehicles. Put simply it’s a system of large, strongly constructed, and professionally finished drawers that have a substantial capacity and can be rolled out of the vehicle on specially designed, low friction tracks to allow ease of access to contents.

Pride of ownership is assured thanks to attention to detail in construction of these modern drawers that feature carpeted exterior and interior surfaces. The UV stabilised commercial carpet used has been purpose designed to match the interior of many modern vehicles.

The modular roller drawer system is not restricted to 4x4s and owners of station wagons, utes, even buses and camper trailers can avail themselves of their usefulness.

In essence Outback Solutions has a complete system of storage units that offer bolt together assembly in the rear of a vehicle. Installation is available as singles, or doubles side by side or stacked, as required.

Roller floor drawers, standard drawers or roller floor systems are also available should you install an ARB fridge freezer and need to access it via the roller floor system. In this situation a low mount roller floor module allows easy access to the fridge yet a small tray underneath will also take care of storing quite a few smaller items. Packs of plastics, spools of leader - endless possibilities there.

On the other hand tools of the trade, extra camping equipment or specialized gear for a fishing expedition could be set up in several of the larger drawers in accordance to needs. Such is the versatility of the drawer system, customisation for a particular purpose is very easy.

The Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer System range consists of eleven modules with varying widths and lengths to fit any vehicle. The basic concept is for drawers to be set up to an owner’s requirements and all feature key lockable push/pull slam shut latches for ease of use and maximum security. In all there are a staggering 200-odd configurations available, so there is certainly be no shortage of options for the end user.

Owners will find the strength of drawers is paramount and assured by cross folded floor systems for extra rigidity. Ease of use is guaranteed by the use of stainless steel runners for silent and smooth operation of drawers whether they are heavily loaded or completely unloaded.

One of the strengths of this modular system is that should an owner’s needs change at any time, the individual system is quite easy to alter to fulfil new requirements.

ARB can advise on the best use of space within a vehicle to ensure maximum flexibility and the best set up of a drawer system. Note that the entire Outback Solutions range is backed by a two year warranty.

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