Tough conditions but still good fish
  |  First Published: February 2011

Well, the old Ninety Mile beach has giving us anglers another tough summer to fish. The fish are there, however, you just have to lucky with the conditions.

Now, I guess when I say rough conditions, I’m not talking about huge swells, but generally weedy conditions. The problem with the Ninety Mile is that is prone to getting huge amounts of either brown slimy weed or red stringy weed. Recently, it seems to be the red stuff that is annoying us.

The last three trips I’ve had, I have 1-2 casts and left because of the sheer amounts of the stuff out there in the gutters. It’s pure luck this time of year whether or not you get to fish as even if you have zero wind, you might end up with 50kg of weed on your line in the first 10 seconds of fishing.

Now in saying this, anglers are still catching plenty of fish, and it’s not that they are casting the bait into the fishes mouth on the first cast, but that different stages of the tide are creating different fishing conditions. I wish I could tell you all a formula or rule to follow but unfortunately there is none. One week, the weed seems to ease off during the high tide giving anglers a few hours of excellent fishing time, but when you think you have it worked out, it then changes that the low tide is when the weed disappears. You just can’t work it out!

I guess one tip to give anyone that isn’t use to fishing our beaches, is that basically, if there’s weed, you want it right at your feet so you can cast over it. Then with the aid of a long rod and long rod holder, you can often keep your line from entering the water’s edge where the weed is leaving your bait out there to be weed free.

The shape of the beach can create a situation like this. That’s why I always tell people, to not be satisfied by the first beach you go to. Drive 10 minutes down to another beach, after all, there’s ninety miles of it, you might find a patch that has fishable conditions. However, sometimes you’re just unlucky and the whole beach is covered in the stuff.

Anyways, those that have been lucking out and finding a spot with no weed have been having great success. Like offshore, there seems to be heaps of gummy sharks around this year, many anglers are getting big numbers of gummy sharks in one night.

There are also an unusual amount of seven-gill sharks being caught as well as a by-catch. Fresh baits have been excellent. There have been some good schools of tailor around lately, so they have been making some great fresh bait. Also if you fishing between Seaspray and Woodside, the flathead catches are astounding, and if you want to fish night and get a shark, why not sacrifice a flathead or two as fresh bait, they work really well.

There have been some days, where the flathead have almost become annoying as the bait won’t last out there long enough to catch anything else; not a bad problem to have.

There are some nice-sized little bronze whalers swimming around in the gutters as well. These are around 1m in length, which is perfect eating size and they put up a hell of fight.

For more information on fishing the ninety mile beach, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544. You will get expert advice and excellent deals on fishing tackle.

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