Local Creeks are the go to spots
  |  First Published: February 2011

I bet no one expected to have such a wet summer.

For the trout angler, this is a good thing, as it has meant consistent flows in nearly all our local streams and rivers.

All the Strzelecki streams are fishing very well, and this is due to the constant water flows that we have had this year.

Traralgon creek in particular has fished very well because of the rain, and seems to have had a positive impact on the health of the trout as well.

Most of the trout are quite fat and healthy and full of fight as well. The average length seems to be a bit higher this year as well, with a lot more trout measuring over 30cm than usual.

It’s good to see flyfishing has come back strong this season; it’s amazing what a bit of rain can do. Bead head nymphs are still working quite well, however, it is summer, so dry flies such as Dad’s Favourites, Red Tags and Royal Wulffs are working well too.

The good flows means soft plastics and hardbodies are working well too. Little Gulp minnows are working very well fished on light jig heads. Small Rapalas and Rebel minnows are fishing well, as are little Bassday Sugar Minnows.

The Morwell River is fishing equally well, and with good-sized brown trout being caught as well.

With a little bit higher flows than Traralgon Creek, plenty of bait anglers are using worms and doing very well. Obviously, flyfishing and lure fishing is exceptional and you can use the same lures that I have described above.

The Tyers River has had very high flows, sometimes making it a little hard to fish, as there can be some dirty water.

Small dry flies are working well, and soft plastics, Celtas and Rapalas are working very well too.

There have a been some bigger fish caught here and it’s not all that uncommon to catch one over 40cm.

For more information on fishing central Gippsland, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544. You will get expert advice and some great deals on fishing tackle. Don’t forget to send in your photos.

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