Good times roll on
  |  First Published: February 2011

Fishing has been great over the summer period. The rivers are flowing beautifully and they are at a good level.

The Mitta River in the Hinnomunjie area is producing good numbers of brown trout up to 500g. Many of these fish are a little on the small side but they are great fun. It is an interesting year as grasshoppers usually about at this time of the year in this region. Due to the great rainfall that has been received the paddocks have grass growing so high that it is over the fences. This would usually mean a top hopper year but not so!

To make up for the absence of hoppers, caddis hatches during the evening are prolific and there are still some mayflies about. Fly fishers have been doing well during the evening using a size 16 Adams and then an Elk Hair Caddis a little later in the evening.

Some of what appear to be small fish rising in the tail of pools have surprised when they are hooked and turn out to be quite respectable trout. This trend should continue over the next month.

The Mitta River upstream of the Bundarra is in a similar situation. On average, the fish are a little larger in this section of the river but they are taking the same baits, flies and lures. This area has been getting a lot of pressure over the holiday period and finding an unfished piece of water can be quite a challenge as this is a very popular camping area and the road follows the river for many miles.

The beautiful Bundara River is also fishing quite well, again to mostly small browns. The river is flowing well but will drop over the next month unless we receive some unseasonal summer rain. Nearby the Cobungra River is fishing as well as it has for a long time. The fishing around Innisfail has been exceptional. Similar baits and lures to the Mitta will work well. Again this is a top hopper spot and the time and effort required to gather bait can be worthwhile.

The Bairnsdale Fly Fishers Club has recently obtained a grant of $20,000 to assist with their ongoing rehabilitation work that they are doing in this area. This grant will assist remove about 20 willow trees. A significant number of natives have previously been planted and more will be planted when the remaining willows are gone. The river looks great in this works area which extends for about 1 km. Good job boys.

The Gibbo River continues to fish well to small rainbows and the occasional larger browns. The best spot to fish is beside the Benambra/Corryong Road. The river is well shaded in this area and therefore the water temperature does not get too high.

Camping in this area is plentiful and the fishing should continue to be good for the next month.

Livingston River around Cassilis if fishing OK to small browns as is the Victoria. The upper Tambo River has fished quite well over the past month to trout up to 30cm however by early February the river will have warmed up and the fishing gone off. The Tambo is a hit or miss trout fishery.

Once the warm weather arrives the river quickly heats up and the fishing declines. It is also prone to drought and low water flows. This year it has fished quite well as the flows have been good and we have not had a lot of hot weather.

Summing up, this is a top season and fishing should continue to be good for the next month.

Lenny Dewers spinning the Mitta River at Hinnomunjie. Note the lush growth in the background. This is unusual at this time of the year in the Victorian Alps.

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