Western Port Whiting
  |  First Published: February 2011


This may well be the least specific hotspot I have ever written, but that is for good reason. The whiting are out-of-control throughout the Port and I am just trying to inspire you to give it a go, as I know you will find success.


Post Christmas is whiting time on the Port and February is about as good as it gets. I have found best results in the window that is 2-hours either side of the low tide. In saying this, I have also done well on the high tide change in some areas.


I am presently using a Shimano Prowler custom nibble tip matched with a Shimano Nexave 2500 reel. It is spooled with 8lb Asari line. It is the best whiting outfit I have ever used, fishing up to 3oz of lead if necessary. (1.5oz is ideal).


I have experimented with them all and have finally settled on one. An extended paternoster made from 10lb Nitlon DFC. The hook dropper is 60-70cm and the sinker dropper about 20cm, but no longer. The hook is either a VMC long shank bait holder or a size 6 circle. Make sure you have two whiting beads free running on top of the hook.


Use your sounder to find areas where whiting like to live. Some areas that are well worth a look include Tooradin Channel, Browns Reserve, Joes Island, Quail bank, the Cut, Middle Spit, Tyabb Bank, Tortoise Head bank, Cat Bay, Somers, Coronet Bay, Dickies Bay and so on. If you fish these areas in 3-8m of water, you will find whiting.


The new big thing in whiting fishing is whiting worm. You get about a metre of it in a small tub of sand for around $5 and the whiting go nuts for it. Just use a piece about 25-35mm long. Obviously pipi, mussel, prawn and squid are also excellent.


The whiting just keep getting bigger this time of year and big fish tend to like deep water. Once you have a feed, go in search of a quality fish.


Berley hard with a berley cage on the bottom. Pellets, cut pilchards and tuna oil will bring the fish in and hold them at your boat.

The results of whiting worm, and following some simple guidelines.

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