Buff’s High UV Protection
  |  First Published: February 2011

When selecting an image to compliment this article I had a choice of around twenty – or perhaps even more – with the Hi UV Buff being worn on every, yes every, fishing excursion I’ve been on since I chanced onto the product in August last year.

In some images the Buff was worn as a scarf, in others as a hair or head band as the weather was quite cool at the time, but in New Zealand’s South Island last November the large hole in the ozone layer over that Island saw the sun beating down as though I was standing under an electric heater. With full sun exposure on a 30 degree day at Twizel seemingly much hotter than I’d experienced at Weipa in mid October the HI UV Buff was worn right up to the sun glasses to protect my face as much as possible.

For the record I have my share of skin damage through decades of sun exposure and consequently there are plenty of scars to prove it. I’m not alone in this of course but like all anglers who have a need to do a bit more than simply slip, slop and slap to avoid the inconvenience of yet another small lesion requiring surgery, I have resorted to some pretty strong measures to avoid sun exposure.

Long sleeve shirts and long trousers are part of each and every day’s fishing and have been for decades. The face has been a problem; hard to protect with sun screen alone but I’ve also worn wrap around hats for years as well.

While not quite to the point of fishing only nocturnally I’ve found that with regular applications of 30 SPF sun screen plus the Buff over the top of my face there has been not the slightest sign of sun exposure at the end of a big day on the water.

The light weight Buff is a real boon. At Weipa I made sure that only one layer came up to the sunnies simply because the humidity was a factor. In NZ I sometimes purposely chose to wear the Buff with a couple of layers up on the face to keep me warm as well as sun free. It’s that versatile. And it washes out extremely easily: I hand wash mine regularly in the shower and find it dries rapidly for the next use. At Weipa in 37 degree heat I’d put it on wet!

Be advised that not every Buff outlet stocks the Hi UV Buff which is the essential one to wear for sun protection, but a look at www.buff.com.au should see a handy outlet located. Otherwise give Buff Downunder Pty Ltd a ring on (07) 5641 1888 for further information.

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