Thank You For Smoking!
  |  First Published: February 2011

Imagine an oven that can not only slow cook your roast to perfection but can also give it an irresistible smoky flavour. The Bradley Smokers can turn an assortment of food into delectable treats!

We’ve all had a go at smoking a few fish and other foods, such as sausages, however, most amateur efforts usually end in disappointed consumers with an un-edible product. That’s the trouble with $20 smokers run by handfuls of hickory sawdust fired by thimbles of methylated spirit. The results are mediocre at best and the dirty toy smoker ends up collecting dust in the far corner of the shed for the next 15 years!

But that is all about to change with the new Bradley Smokers!

The UNit

There are three Bradley Smoker models to choose from: the Orginial, the Four Rack, and the Six Rack.

The Four Rack and the Six Rack are the latest additions and have been updated with a timer on the bisquette feed and has digital control. The Original keeps all its charm and has the traditional manual control without the timer.

The digitally controlled 240V powered smoke generator feeds ‘flavoured’ bisquettes into the cabinet at a regulated rate. The bisquettes are ‘cooked’ on an element inside and, before they turn to ash, are pushed off the edge by the next bisquette in line; the falling embers land in a container of water for safety.

The water also helps the food to remain moist and all additional food juices that drip from the racks will drain into the same container of water below that extinguish the expiring bisquettes. This will further alleviate any chance of fires from burning fat inside the cabinet.

Smoke control

The Bradley Smoker caters for all tastes thanks to the handy timer. A lot of people may not like a particularly heavy smoke taste, rather just a slight flavour, and using the timer you can control the amount of smoke per cooking cycle.

I tested the units capability using several different foods: slabs of searun rainbow trout from Tasmania, full mushrooms garnished with mustard, garlic, onion and spices, and racks of pork. They all turned out to perfection.

The trout was cooked with a full smoky flavour, the mushrooms only slightly, and the pork was a masterpiece of timing! It was first cooked for three hours with smoke, and then an additional two hours just straight roasting – it had amazing flavours.


The smoke generator has a top loading magazine in which the bisquettes are fed. This will hold more than enough for a long extended smoke and, due to its unique design, very little smoke is given off from the vent at the top of the cabinet.

The ‘set and forget’ capabilities of these units will change the way many households cook even a standard roast. The ability to add that smoke flavour, which until now had been a hit and miss affair, will expand the palettes of the masses.

Bradley Smokers have lots of flavours to choose from and they grow their own forests from which they harvest the premium timbers.

If you wish to install the smoker in a garage, simply feed the top smoke vent through a window or wall to the outside. If the smoker is installed outside or on a patio an optional weather cover is available for protection when not in use.

An additional feature option is a cold smoker box. This separates the smoke generator from the cabinet, which will preserve the food rather than cook it.

Depending on the model of Bradley Smoker, expect to pay between $295 and $985.

For a dealer locator and for more information check out www.bradleysmoker.com.au

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