ARB Portable Fridge Freezers
  |  First Published: February 2011

Following the success of their original 47L capacity fridge freezer, ARB has now released a further three units to cater for differing requirements of vehicle and boat owners.

The enhanced range now varies in capacity from the compact 35L model, the 47L original and then there’s the 60L and 78L models for those who require even more refrigeration or freezer space.

If the units are filled with 375ml drink cans, you will fit 50 cans in the 35L model, 72 cans in the 47L model, 90 cans in the 60L and the big 78 can swallow a massive 120 cans. There’s a lot of thirst catered for there!

Importantly, each model is available in both 12 and 24 volt direct current as well as 240 to 110 volts A/C with all appropriate cabling provided and secured via special clips to make sure it does not become accidently disconnected.

With their large internal cooling compartments these new ARB fridge/freezers feature a host of features to endear them to 4wd owners, general campers and boat owners who will fully appreciate the versatility of having refrigeration capacity down to -18C on hand to make the trip a real success.

Being designed principally for off road use in the best ARB tradition, the entire range of portable fridge freezers is tough as boots; each model featuring front opening lids, easy access to control panels, electronic temperature settings, drain plugs, full grip latches, interior lighting, handles strong enough to allow tie down in the back of an off roader or boat, reversible baskets, totally removable lids for ease of access and cleaning, non slip mounting feet (very important) in-built electrical retention and a three year warranty.

Further more there’s a choice of three battery protection settings within each model to ensure that the user does not flatten batteries by chance, again, a vital feature, and each also features in-built diagnostics.

AC power priority will allow the user to really chill things down before going up the beach, out into the bush or carrying the unit aboard the boat if it’s not already permanently mounted. Note that each unit is equipped with a German built Danfoss compressor for the greatest possible efficiency.

All ARB fridge/freezers are purpose designed with a ‘ fit anywhere’ squat shape, yet each will easily accommodate a 315mm high plastic bottle or a 320mm champagne bottle to celebrate that special occasion. A very high standard of finish and user friendliness is sure to ensure pride of ownership, their tough steel cabinet sides and non corrosive lower surfaces a life time of service.

Backed by a powerful after sales network the fridge/freezers come with accessories including transit bags, fridge slides for the vehicle, tie down systems and wiring kits. Check one out at your ARB dealer to see first hand just what these units offer.

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