Sharks bite hard
  |  First Published: December 2010

The summer fishing frenzy is well and truly upon us now and its action packed out in Bass Strait.


Shark season has officially begun and late November saw our first mako capture. Though the first mako capture came later in the month than last year, and the shark was also smaller in size, it certainly does not take away from the experience and the knowledge that this is the first catch of the season.

All shark fishing is action packed, but the mako provides an awesome fight and a display like no other. For their size and strength to see this mighty creature leaping out of the water and performing back flips while you have them hooked on your line is an amazing experience.

January is known to be the peak time for sharks in Bass Strait particularly if it’s a scorcher of a summer. Though this season does look to be a bit milder in temperature we have seen enough shark activity thus far to believe that this year will provide many opportunities for anglers to target this species.

Though the mako does seem to take centre stage for this part of the season, you certainly will not be disappointed if one of their cousins makes an appearance instead. The school shark have been testing our skills out in 50m and have been coming in at 12-20kg at the moment.

We have also found the gummy shark have proven to do well on the full moon and have been coming in at 3-8kg.

In order to hunt down the shark, berley up and keep an eye out for the fin to approach the boat, once they take the bait, set the hook and then it’s all on. There’s nothing quite like a game of tug-a-war with a shark to get the heart pumping.


Snapper have remained consistent offshore coming in at 2-5kg and providing a challenge for many anglers. The offshore snapper fishing experience can prove to be different to what the average punter has experienced before in snapper fishing. At depths of over 50m, the fight can be longer and tougher than anticipated, which has proven to test many anglers.

Australian Salmon

The salmon have been popping up at the back of Point Lonsdale in 20m of water and around 1.5kg, though again not coming through in large numbers just yet.


We have had some good catches of whiting in December down in Swan Bay. They have been a little down in size but that will increase. To catch this delicious species use fresh squid for bait fished on light tackle.


Still providing anglers with plenty of entertainment in Swan Bay, squid have been a sure thing for anglers this season.

We will be in the peak of the fishing season in Bass Strait and anglers can now experience the best of offshore fishing from the acrobatic displays of the mako or the feisty fighting school shark to the satisfaction of reeling in a red beauty.

They are all out there and waiting for you to take on the challenge.

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