90 Miles of Sharks
  |  First Published: December 2010

There has been some monster bronze whaler sharks caught off the beaches lately, so you won’t get me swimming there anytime soon.

Before we talk more about the sharks, let’s talk about the weather. Late November up to December has showed some atrocious weather. The high winds we have had have been predominately easterlies which have brought that horrible slimy weed in close to shore making it almost impossible to fish most of the time.

It has been at its worst around McLoughlins, Reeves and Jack Smiths beaches, however, there seems to be a few hours of each tide that is fishable, then the weed starts to appear until it’s so bad that you can’t fish anymore.

Now, during those hours that are fishable, there have been some great fish about. During the day, there are more flathead than you can poke a stick at, and there ranging between 30-60cm in length. They have been so prolific that at times, you can’t catch anything else because a flathead gets your bait almost instantly, what a nice problem to have!

Also, the snapper catches have been outstanding this year, especially down at the above-mentioned beaches and also at Loch Sport and even Golden Beach as well.

There seems to be heaps of snapper around 2.5kg and a few around the 5-6kg mark as well. During the day seems to be the go for the snapper and they are being caught on bluebait and squid mostly.

The flatties are being caught on almost anything and are taking surf poppers and white grubs as well. Don’t be surprised if you get a snapper on a surf popper either.

Big Sharks

Anglers towing their baits out past the breakers have caught most of the big bronze whalers landed.

Some of the stories are incredible, with some anglers having the baits taking almost immediately upon dropping the rig down, or huge sharks being hooked up whilst the bloke that drew the short straw is still paddling back in.

Either way, there have been some excellent photos produced. Not only are there some toothy sharks swimming around but there are heaps of gummy sharks as well.

There’s probably been more caught around the Golden Beach area, but that’s probably because the weed has been a little more fishable here due to the structure of the beach. Here, the gutter has been in nice and close recently, so all the weed has generally been in very close so you can keep your line out of it most of the time. As soon as your line gets into that weed, it’s all over for that cast.

Down towards Woodside, I know a lot of anglers have been wading out a bit and standing in the water whilst fishing so they can keep their lines out of the weed, and this has been working at times and produced gummies and snapper.

The weed should disappear with a few consecutive days of westerly winds, so keep an eye out on the wind forecasts.

For more information on fishing the 90 Mile Beach, contact Will at Allways Angling in Hotham St Traralgon, you will get expert advice and excellent deals on fishing tackle.

Dylan Madden caught this massive 9’ bronze whaler shark off the 90 Mile Beach by towing out big baits and using game gear to land it. What a pearler!

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