High Flows
  |  First Published: December 2010

Well, with more and more rain, our local streams have been flowing like they should, and it has definitely given us the best fishing we have had in a long time.

Our rivers have been flowing a lot harder than we are used to seeing them flow at this time of year.

Trout that have been caught are in very healthy condition which is due to the high levels of food that is being washed into the river.

Also on some of the hot nights, we have been having some excellent ant falls, and the trout have been gorging themselves on them at times.

It’s good to see that fly-fishing has made a comeback this year, and this is solely due to the fact that our rivers look healthy again.

The Macalister River has been the real winner this year. It’s been fishing extremely well, considering last year it looked like it was never going to come back to its former glory.

There have been plenty of fish caught in the usual areas from 20 Acre Creek to the basin flats area.

Most of these fish seem to be stocky rainbows.

There have been a few brown trout mixed in with them, so I’m not sure if these are stockies or wild trout.

Up higher in the system, around Shaws Creek and the Barkley, there have been even more brown trout caught. Most of them aren’t very big, but are good sport and also show that the river is coming back.

The Macalister is fishing really well with lures such as Celtas, Tassie Devils and Rapalas.

At the time of writing it is flowing very high due to the massive amounts of rain received up there, so it is running pretty dirty as well.

The river seems to be clearing up a lot quicker now that some vegetation is starting to grow, so hopefully it will only take a week or so to clear up again.

For more information contact Will at Allways Angling in Hotham St Traralgon, on 51748544.

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