Good fishing continues
  |  First Published: December 2010

I am pleased to report that it is basically all good news from this area this month.

We have continued to receive good rains on a regular basis that has tended to disrupt fishing for a brief period but generally the fishing has been excellent.

The Mitta River is fishing well with some really good fish being taken especially in the Himmomungee area. There have been several fish taken over 1.5kg together with good numbers of smaller browns and a few rainbows.

Flyfishing has been very good. The trout are now looking up on a regular basis and dry flies are working well, however the biggest fish are still falling to bead head nymphs.

There is little sign of grasshoppers at this stage but beetles are around in good numbers as well as caddis during the evening and a few mayflies. Bait and lures are also taking their share of the fish.

The upper Mitta, above its junction with the Bundara River is also fishing well although access can be a bit dodgy due to the above average flows in the river. This section should be great in the next few weeks.

The Bundara River suffered severe eroding during the spring months due to some big rains and snow run off from the mountains. It has now settled down and fishing is good to average sized fish. Mick Rosenboom landed nine fish from this river on nymphs recently and other anglers are also getting good numbers.

The Cobungra River is also fishing well in the Innisfail area. Due to a big flood a couple of months ago the bridge at Innisfail has been rendered impassable so anglers will need to park and cross the river by foot. I photographed Morass Creek almost totally dry last summer but now it is flowing beautifully.

This creek always runs discoloured but it does yield some big fish mainly to bait anglers. Recently a great brown of 2.5kg was caught here on bait.

The Gibbo River is also flowing nicely but it is accessibly and can be waded. Lots of small rainbows are being caught here as usual but one lucky angler caught a brown of about 2kg, which is unusual. Perhaps it was heading upstream from Dartmouth looking for Morass Creek. The upper Livingston is fishing OK with its usual small browns. In the lower Livingston, Ross Wilson recently caught a large carp on a nymph whilst fishing for trout. He could not get over the smell on his hands after he handled the fish. It is quite early in the season to see carp move into the system from Dartmouth.

Near Buchan, the Timbarra River continues to yield plenty of browns although the fishing is not as hot as it was a month or so ago. As the river falls in height it will warm up during summer and the fishing will deteriorate. Peak fishing times will then be morning and evenings.

Huber Reichelt with a typical rainbow trout caught in the Gibbo River.

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