Exciting and productive times
  |  First Published: December 2008

With Summer’s arrival the water temperature is rising in our dams and rivers, which makes for some exciting and productive fishing this month.

But this month we can sometimes get those stinking hot westerlies or brisk southerlies so try to keep your eye on the weather reports before planning your trip.

The bass in the rivers have been smashing surface lures in the early mornings and as the sun falls. I like to fish the run-out tide, when you can cast lures under the bankside cover.

I still like to use some of my old favourites, like Heddon Tiny Torpedoes and Jitterbugs, but some of the new imported poppers from Jackall, Megabass, Bassday and Owner are really worth the money.

In very low light, the solid dark patterns are productive but once the light becomes stronger clearer, more translucent colours become a very good option.

Once the early bite tapers off and the fish move into the deeper sections, crankbaits, lipless crankbaits in particular, and spinnerbaits become very productive along with Beetle Spins around 1/4oz.

If the barometer is falling or is low and the bass aren’t really attacking the reaction baits, work the Beetle Spins along the bottom in the deep holes and areas adjacent to some of the steeper banks. Some of these deep holes are in the middle of the river where the bass can be seen on a good sounder holding on the drop-off.


Lake St Clair has been fishing really well recently and should continue so into next year. The dam is now holding plenty of water and with so much new ground submerged and warmer water, it should not be too long before there is reasonable weed growth around the banks.

There are signs of the shrimp appearing around the banks, along with schools of baitfish, but because there is not a lot of weed the bass tend to move around, so the surface bite can be very frustrating. Where you caught fish yesterday might not hold any tomorrow.

Work the edges early in the day with reaction lures and then progress to the deeper drop-offs in 5m to 6m with deep lures and spinnerbaits. Good colours are dark green to purple.

Some of the new metal blades have been very productive along the edges with the 1/4oz from TT Switchblades and those from Evergreen and Jazz in the gold colours.

The Fallbrook and Carrowbrook arms have some good areas for lure casters and bait-soakers to fish from midway up to the back reaches.

Some of the timber now has plenty of depth around it, up to 8m. These places are excellent on those very hot days; just drop down plastics or shrimps, yabbies or worms for some of those giant catties, goldens, bass and silver perch.

The bank fishing is also very good in the Broadwater, especially adjacent to the camping area. There now is not a lot of weed growth there.


Lake Glenbawn continues to live up to its reputation as a great bass fishery and draws regular visitors from all up the east coast. It still manages to produce good numbers of bass, although their size is smaller than in past years.

This month the water temperature begins to peak and the schools of gudgeons and smelt will be abundant.

They can usually be seen swimming around in the shallows or amid the timber. I always try to note where I see this bait because the fish will be holding up nearby.

Because the dam is maintaining its height, and has in recent months, there should be some decent weed forming around the banks. This growth should make for some excellent surface bites early and at dark, along with action spinning the banks with lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

For those who wish to fish the edges with lures, the area towards the back of the dam from New House Bay north is very productive.

Those who wish to troll or drop baits on the old river bed that runs through this area should also have some fun. Lures for this area need to get down around 6m and purple is the gun colour.

The lower section of the dam, around the Cemetery Point and Boat Harbour, is good for trolling deep lures and for soaking yabbies and worms.

Fishing the banks is also rewarding, with a giant cod coming from this area.

I have seen some really big schools of carp appearing back in the dam so if you hook one, make sure that you dispose of it properly.

This is a great dam but keep your eye on the weather because the wind can hit very quickly in the afternoon.

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