Best summer in years
  |  First Published: December 2010

As January emerges from the shadows of December, we are certainly set for one of the best summers in decades.

December was simply awesome for the flyfishers, particularly if you managed to get some days at Woods Lake. Little Pine Lagoon finally got its act into gear and Penstock lifted its skirts and showed some of its potential.

The season is running around two weeks later this year I think, mainly due to a very late spring and a wet start to the summer season. That said, by mid-month I don’t think it will make any difference at all.

Arthurs Lake

Arthurs is slowly coming back to its old self, with the water starting to clear in the top part of the Sand Lake side. Consistent reports of small mayfly hatches lead me to believe that Arthurs is once again worth committing to, and I will certainly be pounding the waves here a lot this summer. Look for duns in the lily pads and Jones Bay areas, and keep an eye on the shallow water – they will be in there, make no mistake.

Woods Lake

I have never made a secret of the fact that I don’t much like Woods, although that opinion has changed dramatically in recent weeks.

I have seen some of the best black spinner fishing here that I’ve ever seen, with one day seeing the spinner action last from 11am until 6pm, when we left fish still rising. The mayfly hatches have been excellent, yet I haven’t seen a mass of fish on them. It doesn’t make any difference really, as there are so many fish keen to eat a fly that catching plenty of fish is relatively easy.

Come the warmer months and the action will ease down here, but any day with 100% cloud will be worth the rotten drive down the goat track to Woods.

Little Pine Lagoon

Good rain in December has kept the level high and the water flushing through, which is important in keeping this waterway clean in summer.

The duns were late in getting into gear, but by Christmas reliable sport was assured on the dull mayfly days. Along with the mayfly hatch has been the aluminium hatch, as upwards of 30 boats have been here on some days.

Great Lake

Great Lake is the sight fishers’ premier water in January, as the browns and rainbows take to the top of the water on bright and breezy days looking for beetles and other wind-blown insects. We didn’t really get the conditions for good Great Lake ‘shark’ days in December, but when small windows of opportunity did open the fishing was very good.

Look for a bright blue sky, a warm northerly wind and every job you have should be put off for another day.

January is primed with heaps of water and fat fish, hopefully we can all get a share of good fishing and good weather.

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