Craig Cracks Teemburra
  |  First Published: December 2010

Teemburra Dam produced a contrasting bite to last year’s 231 fish feast with a meagre 28 barra hitting anglers’ brag mats at the opening round of the 2010 Daiwa BARRA Tour, the Strike Teemburra BARRA Evening Event, 12/13 November.

A tough bite, courtesy of torrential rain and cool temperatures rather than angling ability, it was 38 year old Rolleston mine worker Craig Griffiths (4/10, 289cm) who cracked the pattern to break through for his maiden BARRA Tour win.

Victory belonged to Griffiths with the Teemburra winner fishing one point within eye sight of the launching ramp to catch his fish.

“It was the same point and clump of trees I fished in last year’s tournament, so I thought why not head back to the spot that produced before,” said Griffiths.

The simple, yet rationale decision paid off with Griffiths boating a barra on his third cast. The location in question featured a weedline and a clump of five trees sitting on a gentle sloping point in about 16ft of water.

“The trees were the hot spots with the barra sitting tight to the timber and only hitting the lure when it was right on their nose,” said Griffiths.

His choice of lures were a combination of options, with black and gold and drop bear coloured Squidgy Slick Rig 110s and a ghost coloured Rapala X Rap 10 all getting a run. The retrieve for the Slick Rigs was text book lift-n-drop plastics fishing with Griffiths casting the lure up onto the weed, ripping it across then letting it sink near the trees then give it a quick hop.

“All the hits came as the lure was sinking next to the tree,” said Craig.

The retrieve for the X-Rap was ‘barra fishing 101’, with a twitch-pause retrieve the undoing of one of the fish in tournament winning limit.

It was perhaps the lure itself, namely the Squidgy Slick Rig and the modifications that he made to it that is most noteworthy. “I trimmed the tail to make it swim better, added some rattles and coated it repeatedly with garlic spray to make it as appealing as possible.”

The balance of Griffiths’ tackle included a 6’8” Pro Green rod, Daiwa Sol 3000 spin reel, 20lb Fins braid, and 60lb Black Magic leader.

Receiving only four bites for the tournament, and landing all four, a rare thing in barra fishing, Griffith was ecstatic with the win and how it all fell into place.

“It’s not too often you land all the bites that you get and I can pretty much thank the stinger hooks on my Slick Rigs for making it happen,” said the victor.

Running a treble stinger on the underbelly of the lure, Griffiths pinned all fish with and kept them connected courtesy of his trusty stinger.

All his fish caught came on a wind change, and none were caught after dark.

Big Barra

The Big Barra for the tournament went to Jarrod Dalton with the Dysart based angler picking up the 96cm prize winning fish on day one. Caught at 8.30pm in the pouring rain it delivered Dalton a booty of Rapala lures and anchored his 5th place finish at the event.

Visit www.australianbarra.com.au for full results and photos. – ABT


1Craig GriffithsRapala Street Team4/102891200

2Daniel GrechRapala/ JT Reel Repairs3/10259600

3Issac ToivanenDC3/10231500

4Donovan PowerPower3/10226300

5Jarrod DaltonSebile2/10171200

6Rob Wood Gin Gin Hotel2/10144200

7Alan McNamaraShimano/ E-Tec1/1092

8Jason WilhelmShimano/ E-Tec1/1091

9Matt MartinTeam Predator1/1088

10Leon ParmenterETEC Evinrude HO1/1088

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