Taylor Takes aim at Awoonga
  |  First Published: December 2010

Kerrin Taylor, 5/10, 515cm has taken out the Berkley Lake Awoonga Evening Championships. After finding the going tough in the first session with one fish for 96cm, Taylor bounced back with a 4/5, 419cm second session to overcome Jason Wilhelm by a mere 27cm.

“In session one our team travelled to a point close to the main boat ramp. Fishing in around 5m of water, using a Rapala X-Rap lure I caught one fish around twilight slowly rolling the lure back to the boat. Come the second session I knew I had to find fish to be in the hunt, so went out looking, as we do in a prefish, for a likely spot.

“We ended up finding a bay on the western side of the dam. It had a small island situated nearby, and the main feature of the bay was a gully extending out from the shoreline. The gully was around 4m in depth and on each side would rise up to around 2m in depth,” said Kerrin.

They had a look and could see fish on the sounder so decided to try their luck. They anchored about 60m from the bank and proceeded to cast into the area using 15cm Rapala X-Raps in gold colour retro fitted with Owner hooks.

There was weed present on the bank and a slow roll of the lure got an almost instant response. The fish came early in the session before dark. After dark the bite shutdown, so ultimately it was an afternoon bite window.

After the initial catch the remainder were caught progressively until darkness set in. The wind was strong throughout the session and was blowing along the shoreline of our location. Due to the influx of water the dams are high. This in turn has made the prefish tough, as there is so much area to cover and find fish.

Taylor’s outfit consisted of a Millerod Salty Barra rod teamed with a Shimano Chronarch spooled with 30lb Fins braid in yellow with 80lb Black Magic leader.

Big Barra

Michael Weick’s 124cm first session catch took out the event’s Big Barra. Caught off a point at Cormorant Bay near the end of the session, the fish fought hard before finally succumbing, much to the delight of the angler.

Weick explains the capture, “The location had a lot of dark, dirty water. There was a lot of bait in the area, predominately garfish. We were anchored in around 8ft of water. I was using a 125mm Smith Saruna lure in sardine colour. The lure was retro fitted with number 2 Owner and number 6 Decoy trebles. Importantly these changes help to suspend the lure, which is something we try to do with all our lures. The lure mimicked the baitfish perfectly.”

When hooked, the barramundi put on an aerial show and took plenty of line on deep runs. Even when he was about to net the fish it made a final dash for freedom. But when the fish was finally netted he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The fish was Michael’s personal best and, after a few photos, was successful released.

“The hooks were actually straightened in the net, so it almost was the one that got away,” said Weick.

For more information check out www.australianbarra.com.au . – ABT

1Kerrin TaylorMillerods/Shimano/Evinrude5/10515$1400 + $400 Pro
2Jason WilhelmShimano/E-Tec5/10488900
3Spencer TroxellMcArthur Customs5/10486700
4Simon BarkhuizenSamurai Reaction Rods4/10394500
5Carl JocumsenMillerods/Fish N' Bits4/10394400
6Daniel GrechRapala/JT Reel Repairs4/10375200
7Dean SilvesterGamakatsu3/10301200
8Glyn BarkhuizenSamurai Reaction Rods3/10286Prize Pack
9Ian MillerMillerods/Fish N' Bits2/10207Prize Pack
10Adam PaskinsReel Smooth2/10199Prize Pack
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