Pflueger Offers up the Goods
  |  First Published: December 2010

Since taking over the distributorship of the Pflueger brand, Pure Fishing has introduced a number of products into Australia that many anglers will find meet their fishing needs.

What follows is a close look at some of the products you can find in your local tackle stores.


For bream, bass and other light estuary work, the Japanese-built Supreme 2000XT threadline is close to the top of the Pflueger heap. It’s well-made, sports loads of bling and during the six-month test gained plenty of admirers not just for its looks, but for its lightness, smoothness and ease of use.

The 2000XT certainly looks flash, with its magnesium body and rotor, 10 stainless bearings, custom-look graphite handle shaft with EVA knob, shallow double-anodised spool, aluminium bail and a host of cosmetic trim. At a feather over 200g with a spool of 3lb Stren Microfuse, it’s no burden to fish with. Recommended retail is around $315.

The bail arm had a good positive click on opening, cranking was effortless and on hook-up, the waterproof oiled felt drag was progressive and smooth. It just felt good.

The accompanying 7’ rod, the Supreme AST (catalogued PFLS-SP701UL), was rated at 1-3kg and would suit soft plastics from around 1/16oz and crankbaits from 1/8oz. The dark green All Star high-modulus blank sported premium Fuji I-frame titanium guides and cork split grips with colour-matched winding checks and trim rings.

Many users praised the casting action with words like ‘crisp’ and ‘punchy’, although I would have preferred a softer tip for lighter lures – I’m often accused of favouring parabolic ‘noodle’ tapers for light lures.

I rate this a good 3kg rod and would have liked to try it on bass with 1/4oz-3/8oz crankbaits and Texas rigs. There’s plenty of fighting grunt once you’re hooked up.

Sensitivity was excellent through the yellow 3lb Microfuse, which didn’t have the springiness straight from the box commonly associated with other fused line, nor was it as cantankerous to knot early in its life.

Pflueger Supreme rods are available for about $300 – a good price considering the premium components.


The Pflueger Supreme 9035XT threadline and 7’ Trion PFLT-SP701MXFT (rated 3-6kg) combo spent its entire six months as a snapper-on-plastics outfit and did the job darn well, from all reports. Everybody loved it but I never seemed to get a look-in on this one – someone else always grabbed it first and it certainly pulled some nice fish.

From weightless 5” Gulp Jerk Minnows to 1/2oz shads, the 10lb Stren Sonic Braid never produced even an itty-bitty wind loop, cast miles and seemed to handle fish to 3kg well in depths from 15’ to 80’. I like this line.

This outfit felt extremely well balanced in the hand and would also be a useful tool for casting rubbers for flatties and jewfish back in the estuary, bay or harbour.

The 9035MXT is now discontinued, replaced by the Supreme MG series which retails around $160. The 9035MXT’s gold-anodised body and rotor are magnesium and the spec sheet quotes nine stainless bearings, an anti reverse bearing and ‘corrosion resistant bearings in key locations’. I’m sure the MG is similar.

I’m not so sure about those big holes in the spool on any reel in saltwater, especially offshore. In a gunwale rod holder while under way, you could let a lot of spray through to threaten the innards. This outfit was always packed away for travel and I urge any owner of a similar spool from any manufacturer to do the same.

However, both these combos received only a light spray with fresh water after use and there have been no signs of corrosion.

The Trion rod is a beauty, casting even unweighted plastics a long way. With single-foot Fuji Alconite guides, split cork grips and trim rings and a price tag of only $120, it’s pretty special and adds up to under $300 for a very useful snapper outfit. The Trion carried a nice working curve on a fish and everyone loved everything about it. I’m hoping to keep this one a little longer and have a good go myself!

Gear Up

Here are two options for completely different purposes that will meet the demands anglers place on tackle these days. Their pricing keeps them within easy reach of anglers and their durability and fish catching features make them a solid choice for just about all anglers.

Log onto the Pure Fishing website (www.purefishing.com.au) for more information and to check out the entire range of Pflueger product now available in Australia. It’s a lot of tackle!



Supreme 2000XT reel


Magnesium rotor and body

9/1 bearing system

Waterproof drag

Aluminium bail wire

Dual anodized spool

Carbon Handle Arm

EVA round knob

Supreme AST rod

IM8 carbon blank

Fuji Titanium silicone guides

Fuji reel seats

Split grip cork handle

Trion PFLT-SP701MXFT rod

High Modulus graphite blank

Fuji® Alconite guides

Fuji reel seat

Tournament split grip handle design

Top grade cork handles

Technique specific actions

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