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  |  First Published: December 2010

I hope you all had a good New Year and are all fired up for yet another great year of fishing at the ‘Pin.

The Jumpinpin fishing area has some of the best fishing grounds to take the family as the waters are protected from most wind directions and there is always somewhere to hide and still catch fish.

Flathead will once again make up the bulk of fish caught on your trip to the ‘Pin. They are just everywhere at the moment and are taking all sorts of baits, lures and soft plastics.

Try the mud flats around Tabby Tabby and Mosquito Island, the mouth of the Logan River, the deep water off Swan Bay and Kalinga Bank. The best soft plastics to use when targeting flathead are 3”-5” twist tails, shads and minnows, in white, yellow and blue.

Small hardbodied lures trolled in 8-10ft of water are proving a winner too. Be sure to work the lure at different speeds and lay the lure back stopping its momentum giving the flattie plenty of chance to strike. Best baits to give a go are whitebait, pillies, prawns and any live bait you can get your hands on.

Good catches of whiting can be expected too, with some big elbow slappers on offer during the warmer months. Best spots to try for a feed of whiting are Slipping Sands, Long island, Tipplers Island, the Gold Bank, Couran Cove and Alberton Sands in the Logan River.

Bloodworms work the best but they will take a variety of baits such as squid, prawns, chicken gut and small soft plastics retrieved slowly along the bottom. Another good tactic is using surface poppers in shallow water on a calm day or late in the afternoon when it flattens out, blooping the lure across the top of the water. Whiting will rise and hit these poppers and at the same time you’ll be in with a chance at any other species in the area like lizards or bream.

Bream are always the bread and butter fish of the ‘Pin and even though they are more prevalent in the cooler months they will be available in good numbers all January long. I’ve found by using smaller baits that you’ll catch more fish but not a lot of quality larger fish.

Good spots to try are Whalley’s Gutter, Squire Island, the mangroves across from Slipping Sands, Fishermans Channel, the Powerlines and Kalinga Bank.

Fingers crossed the tailor will finally arrive this month. In years gone by we’ve had some good runs at this time of year with quality greenbacks to 3kg+. There should be a few choppers about the Bar so try floating a pilchard about mid water and set up a berley trail and see what happens. Quality jew can be caught this month to from the Bar and the deep water 40-50ft off Swan bay on livies or large 5”-7” soft plastics.

The tide runs extremely fast there so try to hit the turn of the tide when the flow slows and you can get to the bottom easier. A mixed bag can also be caught this month with different species like squire, jacks, cod, mowong and trevally on offer inside the ‘Pin and the pelagics should arrive off the coast with mackerel, tuna, sailfish and marlin ready to test your gear.

So have a great year guys and remember the crab pots as the sandies will be on the march this month down the main channels and muddies in the mangroves.

Cheers for all your reports and info and if you need to order bait or some local advice drop us a line at Gem Bait & Tackle on 32873868 or email --e-mail address hidden--

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