|  First Published: December 2010

Callum Munro takes out top honours at this year’s Basstasstic Bass Fishing Grand Final at Cania and walks away with a cool $2000 in cash.

Cania dam was ready to host a long weekend of bass fishing with the scene set for a battle to win some of the cash prize pool of $3,500+, and lots more in tackle and sounders.

Eligible anglers for the Grand Final were made up of the top 30 anglers from the trial rounds held over the last eight months. Anglers had to fish for three sessions for the weekend, two on Saturday and one on Sunday, and needed to catch two bass per session.

The morning started off well for the anglers, who all headed out in different directions and spots around the dam. The first session ended at 11am, and young Sunshine coast angler, Callum Munro, was in number one position with two good fish and a score of 753 points. In second place was Terry Allwood of Wondia with a couple of nice fish as with a score of 744 points.

The day was heating up and session two started with little wind and raising temperatures. Last year’s Grand Final winner Rod Schull of Brigalow put his rig out there for a huge catch of two great bass and total score catch of 838 points. Matt Mott of Murgon was working an area in the middle of the dam and also had a good score for session two of 720 points. At the Saturday night briefing Rod Schull had taken the lead with 1473 points and would take pole position on Sunday mornings start. Callum Munro was in second position with a score of 1450 points and Terry Allwood was in third position with 1377 points.

Sunday was again a beautiful morning but quickly turned cool come afternoon. At the final measure-in most anglers talked of better day’s fishing so it was anyone’s guess who was to take out the first place position.

Presentations were held at Russell and Karen Nowland’s home at the entrance to Cania dam. They had plenty of sponsor banners flying and all anglers enjoyed a free BBQ and drinks. With 15 places for prizes and starting at the bottom it kept the top place winners chewing at their finger nails. When Rod Schull’s name was called out for second place with a score of 2175 points and winning $1,000 in cash plus a personal key ring from Trevor’s leathers, Callum Munro jumped for joy to know he had won the $2,000 cash and trophy for 2010.

Callum’s face lit up like Christmas and a smile to match. His points score was 2201 points he also took home a personal key ring from Trevor’s Leathers and will receive a personalised, embroidered shirt.

Junior Aimee Thompson of Brisbane won the junior section with four fish caught with a score of 1179 points. She won an Anaconda Rod and reel and also won the biggest bass of the year, which was a whopper of a bass at 525mm to the fork. For this, Aimee won an Eva Kool 45lt poly ice box, $200 in cash, a trophy and special wallet made by Trevor’s leathers. Mike Dellisser of Brisbane presented Aimee on behalf TT Lures a shirt and lure box full of TT Lure blades.

The top five winning anglers of this grand final will fish off at a dam to be nominated to see who will be the Basstasstic Golden Pro angler of the year. – Basstasstic

1Callum Munro 2201$2,000
2Rod Schull 2176$1,000
3Patrice Eyles 2085$500
4Terry Allwood 2005Prize
5Haydon Raynor 2000Prize
6Mathew Mott 1977Prize
7Greg Green 1966Prize
8Kyle Gliech 1950Prize
9Peter Cooney 1927Prize
10Steve Brooker 1906Prize
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