More rain equals more trout
  |  First Published: December 2010

With continued rain, our local streams have never looked so healthy. We are certainly set for a bumper trout season.

Due to the high levels of water flow, not only are the rivers healthy, but the trout are even healthier.

It’s been a long time since our local creeks have looked so good and fished so well, I think most of us forgot what a good creek looked like.

The Traralgon creek has continued to be inspiring. It is now back to what it used to be and the fish are probably averaging a better size than they used to prior to the drought.

The fly fishers are back out there in force and are catching plenty. There are still lots of anglers using bead head nymphs and doing well, yet there are a lot of flying ants around at the moment so they are working well too.

Trout love ants, and therefore trout feeding on ants generally go very hard on them, but can sometimes be frustrating.

The old Dads Favourite is working well to and so are classic Royal Wulffs.

The Morwell River is pretty much fishing exactly the same as the Traralgon Creek, yet there’s been a few bigger fish caught in this river.

The same flies are working here that are working in Traralgon creek as well.

There are also plenty of anglers fishing with Celtas and Rapalas and doing very well too.

Remember to fish every square inch of the water, some days the fish are that well fed and content that they like it right on their nose!

The Tanjil River has been fishing well. Brenton Faltum caught this huge brown trout weighing 5.5lb in the old scale.

He caught it whilst floating worms down stream with the current. Nice work Brenton and it shows what persistence can provide.

For more information on fishing central Gippsland, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544, you will get expert advice and excellent deals on all ranges of fishing tackle.

Brenton Faltum holds up a huge brown trout weight 5.5lb caught on worms in the Tanjil River.

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