Wendouree gets some fish
  |  First Published: December 2010

The angling action in and around the Ballarat and surrounding districts is finally hotting up after a few quiet years.

The news only gets better, as fish are being released into waters everywhere to get them back to their pre-drought condition. Congratulations must go to the fisheries department and angling bodies and associations who have worked hard to have a plan in place for when the drought finally broke.

Wendouree gets trout

Ballarat’s own lake Wendouree had 162,000 fingerlings released into it in mid November, and word is that more browns will be stocked in December. While these fish are very small and not for this season, next year looks like being a cracker – something we haven’t had for many years.

Cairn Curran and Tullaroop Reservoirs, two of my favourite waters, have also been stocked with trout. With more fish stockings into the future, the fishing in and around the district will be back the glory days of old.

Fyans still Hot

The fishing action has been red hot at Lake Fyans in the last month with plenty of anglers and plenty of fish being caught and I can only see the action continuing.

Lake Fyans is a water for all methods anglers are catching trout and redfin casting hardbodied lures, casting soft plastics, fly fishing, trolling lures and fishing bait.

Dave Turner recently had a fantastic day on the lake while casting and retrieving hard bodied Ecogear SX40 lures out of the boat. He landed 21 redfin and several small trout for the day. The redfin ranged in size up 1.2kg and were great on the table.

Wastell Trophy

The Wastell Trophy was recently held at Fyans with some 70 fly fishers from all over the state participating for the Wastell Trophy. The heaviest for the weekend went to Ballarat Fly Fishing Club member Nick Mason with a rainbow trout of 1.246kg. Most fish were caught on Woolly Bugger fly patterns.

Keith and Enid Riddsdale have also been up to Lake Fyans they had a successful day fishing mudeye suspended under a bubble float, where they caught four trout and two redfin with Enid showing up Keith landing a magnificently conditioned rainbow trout of 1.5kg. Keith said that all the fish were full of bug mudeye. This is great news as the fish grow very quickly when feeding on mudeyes.

Local waters

There have been a few reports locally around Ballarat of fish being caught; most of them are small but it gives us hope for the coming year. Newlyn Reservoir, Cosgroves, Dean and St George dams are the best spots to go. We can only hope anglers practise catch and release so we do have some good sized fish for the next season.

Purrumbete and Bullen Merri

Lake Bullen Merri and Purrumbete are still fishing very well for both land-based and boat angling, and both lakes are at their highest levels for many years.

Any sized boat can be launched from the Lake Purrumbete caravan park, which is great news and the fish are feeding in close around the shore, especially in front of the caravan park in what we call the swamp.

There has been some excellent catches recently, with none better than Nick Trotter’s catch of a huge brown trout of 4.5kg trolling a minnow behind the boat. This used to be a very successful method for catching large rainbow trout and quinnat salmon years ago. The lakes will fish very well as we move through December and the redfin in Purrumbete will start to bite.

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