Water equals fish
  |  First Published: December 2010

I can’t believe that it’s December and we are still talking about big rainfalls and lower temperatures.

This time last year we had extremely hot weather from October hitting the high 30C and very dry to say the least – this year it is very different.

The lake has been fishing quite well lately. Sean Rogers of Healesville smashed a nice 2.2kg brown on a lazy Sunday afternoon session.

Other reports of trout have been ok not massive numbers, but quality fish between 1-2kg up on Big River with plenty of good-sized trout to cast at.

The reddies are on big time as well: Sunday lunch will not be the same for a few months now with reddie fillets and salad.

Eildon Pondage

Now that the ponds have cleaned up dramatically the fishing has gone off, with loads of fish all the way up to 4kg being caught on lure and fly. The good old worm and Berkley Powerbait are best for the baito’s.


The Goulburn is also fishing very well despite still being a bit murky.

Loads of fish to 1.5kg are coming from the cleaner edges, with floating or suspending hardbodied lures doing most of the damage. Bait fishers are best served by drifting the humble worm.


Flyfishers rejoice: I highly recommended a trip here. It is a wonderful stream and has been fishing very well, with even the chance of a salmon or two.

Personally I would like to see this little stream be totally catch and release, but that’s just me.


Staring to clear up but not quite where it needs to be to start truly fishing well – let’s hope summer levels help the situation.

Steve Falla caught this huge brown trout in Eildon ondage, which weighed 81/4lb and 670mm long. The fish was taken on a silver Tassie Devil. Image courtesy Steve Falla.

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