Anglapro’s Chaser 424 Spec
  |  First Published: November 2010

The iconic Australian fishing boat has always been the tiller steer tinnie, built to withstand the often rough and tumble abuse the environments and we dish up. In fact there are very few fish fining Australian waters that haven’t been caught from a tinnie of some sort.

Anglapro boats have been around for a few years and are quickly establishing themselves as quality options for anglers who like to customise their boats and have a price point in mind. There are a number of hull designs available in the range, the most straight forward of these is the Chaser 424 Spec; an open plan tinnie with 3mm bottom and side sheets, a carpeted floor and a forward casting deck with underfloor storage.

Designed for anglers who want to fish anywhere from the estuaries and near shore environs to lakes and inland impoundments, I can see this boat being popular with surf beach launching anglers around Australia and top-end sport-fishos’ who want a simple platform for throwing lures and live baits at iconic sportfish. The deep V pressed hull delivered a comfortable dry ride in the calm conditions as you would expect from an aluminium boat of this size. The gunwale mounted grab rails are positioned perfectly for the skipper to hang onto and the stability at rest allows for two (or three) anglers to get into the action.

The 3 year hull warranty aside, the great thing about the Chaser is its ability to be used for a huge variety of fishing options. Whether you want to troll for trout in the lakes, explore the bass and cod holding dams of the inland, downrig live squid for estuary kings, soak baits for mulloway or even fish on the drift or at anchor offshore for snapper. The Chaser 424 will open the realms of possibility without blowing the wallet out of the water.

Basic in its design with aft compartments for the fuel tank and battery storage, the addition of corner brackets to house carpeted floor infills provide an extra casting deck for the skipper. Side pockets running between the two seats are perfectly suited to keep handlines, chopping boards, sinkers and all the necessary fishing items at easy reach. A reasonably sized open anchor well will hold enough rope plus anchor and chain to suit most locations you would take this baby for a fish. An additional anchor and retrieval buoy would easily fit in the storage compartment under the casting deck.

Perhaps one of the most appealing facets is that each Anglapro boat comes awaiting your personal customisation. This way, depending on the style of fishing you’re into, you can have your brand new boat fitted out just they way you like. Starting with simply choices like the location, orientation and number of rod holders, which can have far reaching factors on the fishability, every aspect of the internal layout can be modified to suit your wish-list.

Now that’s called forward thinking and is one of the reasons this brand is enjoying such great success. Too see just how many features you can customise jump onto the website http://www.anglapro.com.au/chaser and check out the options.

The boat I tested was off the show room floor and awaiting a new buyer to decide on the fit out, a blank canvas if you will. Open and uncluttered with a massive amount of fishing space is really what you want from a boat like this and in that regard it surely delivered. The carpeted floor, while not covering the ribs, was at the right height for stability. The simple forward casting deck is a great place to be at the ready rod in hand for any surface activity. Powered by a 30hp 2-stroke pull start Suzuki the whole rig with 2 passengers and no fishing gear got up and going without skipping a beat, the 25 litre tote fuel tank tucked tidily away. Chatting to the lads who run the workshop they mentioned that many buyers who are at the larger end of the size spectrum opt for the 40hp or 50hp outboard for that little bit of extra torque and grunt. As with all 2-stroke technology the engine was pretty smoky and loud, there is of course the option to purchase a Suzuki 4-stroke if these are concerns to you.

Out the door and on the water

Delivered as standard on a Dunbier single axle trailer the whole package can be easily towed behind a medium sedan or family wagon with a towing capacity of 600kg or greater, due to its weight it has no breaks which keeps trailer maintenance to a minimum so you can spend more time on the water and fishing. With a total length on trailer of 5.2m and a manageable weight of 550kg you can store this great all round set-up without too much hassle in relatively small spaces.

If you are in the market for a new boat and a simple yet functional tinnie is what you are after, then be sure to contact the Anglapro team at your nearest dealership or at Good Times Marine. From ordering to delivery boats can be ready for launching inside six weeks (even in peak periods) and with this fishing season already on fire you don’t have much time to waste. A custom fishing boat has never been so easy.

Dealer details

Derek Rodway

Good Times Marine

2 Toorak Avenue, Taren Point 2299

Ph: (02) 9524 6999

Mobile: 0414 440 --e-mail address hidden--


Price as tested:$
Boat type:Open aluminium run about, tiller steer
Maximum hp:50hp
Capacity:4 people
Total weight BMT:550kg
Total length BMT:5.2m
Total height BMT:1.5m
Reads: 3727

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