Fantastic Fyans
  |  First Published: November 2010

I am pleased to report that the fishing in this region has well and truly bounced back with our new improved water levels after the rains.

We have been enjoying exceptional trout, redfin and yellowbelly fishing with most of our waters producing some of the best fishing I have seen here for ten years or more.

Lake Fyans

This water had been very popular with local and visiting anglers and has been our top water producing some exceptional trophy trout and redfin fishing lately.

Ray Caruana, president of the Greenvale Sport and Game fishing club sent me a great report of their latest club outing here. They had twelve adults and five juniors fish and caught over 90 brown and rainbow trout over a weekend of fishing. The majority of these fish were released and averaged 850g-1.2 kg with five over 1.5 kg mark.

They found the best method of fishing was trolling Tassie Devil lures and the best colours were pink, yellow or gold. Ray reported the weed made fishing a bit frustrating with the lures but it was manageable and well worth the effort with the great fishing they all enjoyed.

Not to miss out on all the action, the Horsham Fly Fishers and Trout Anglers club recently had an outing to Fyans and did very well. They caught many good-sized brown and rainbow trout and some big redfin including a ripper of 2.1kg. Most of these fish were also caught on trolled lures.

The lake is around 60% of capacity and looking the best it has for years.

Lake Wartook

After all the rains this beautiful lake is now full and even overflowed a few weeks ago.

The fishing has really fired up here after the influx of fresh water with good trout and redfin catches being reported by many visiting and local anglers alike.

Trolling with small diving lures and Tassie Devils has been producing good catches of redfin averaging around 500g with the odd larger fish to around 1kg. Some nice trout are also being taken on the troll with most of these browns being around 1kg.

Bait fishing with mudeye under bubble floats has been producing the best trout fishing whether land-based off the wall or fishing from a boat.

Most of the trout are ranging in size from 1-1.5kg but the odd larger fish to 2.5kg has also been about. If you can’t get mudeyes, baits such as peeled yabby tail, prawn tail, wood grubs and scrubworms fished unweighted will also work well here.

Rocklands Reservoir

This place has been very popular lately with some great trout and redfin catches coming from Brodies up to the wall.

Trolling lures and casting vibes around the snags from small boats has been producing a good number of redfin but most of them are small. With the lake now covering new ground, most of the better fish are getting caught along the shoreline.

Some of the best fishing has come to land-based anglers fishing large scrubworms, taking a number of good browns and rainbows to 1.8kg. Mudeyes fished under bubble floats are also producing some quality trout here as well.

There are many great areas near the wall for fishing from the shore and the banks are safe enough to take the whole family for a great day out fishing. A number of carp are also being taken here.

Taylors Lake

With the days getting longer and warmer and the water levels high, the fishing has really fired up here. Good numbers of redfin, yellowbelly and carp are being taken here whether fishing from the shore or from boats. Most areas of the lake are producing good fishing but the timbered area to the left of the boat ramp has been a definite hot spot.

Keen local anglers and workmate of mine, Luke Davis has been doing very well here and on a recent outing here he landed about 20 carp and a very nice yellowbelly of 1.3kg. He also hooked and lost a very large fish that busted him off. Luke was using large flat tail scrubworms for bait, fished on a running sinker rig.

I have been fishing the inlet area lately and taking some nice redfin around 500g on worms, along with many carp. Good mate of mine Wally Sudholz and his daughter Tayla recently had a good afternoon fishing at the inlet, landing around 35 carp on worms. A few yellowbelly are also being caught in this area of the lake

Wimmera river

The river has been fishing very well with a wide variety of fish on offer including yellowbelly, silver perch, redfin, carp and catfish.

The best areas to fish have been at Riverside, Horsham, Quantong and Dimboola.

I have been fishing the Horsham areas of river at the showgrounds and weir and doing well on yellowbelly to 2kg along with many catfish and carp and the occasional good-size redfin.

I generally fish the late afternoons and after dark with unweighted scrubworms and peeled yabby tail. Most nights you don’t have to wait long for a bite and it is very easy to go through a bucket of worms very quickly.

There isn’t much better than fishing the river on a warm evening, I seem to find the best fishing is on the full moon also.

Most anglers are bait fishing here at present but lures and spinnerbaits cast at the many snags will also produce some great yellowbelly fishing here this time of year as well, particularly for the larger fish.

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