Huge rains yield long-term benefits
  |  First Published: November 2010

The Bendigo region has continued to receive above average rainfall. This has led to some significant inflows into our impoundments.

We have already seen some major flooding in the region with the likelihood of more to come in the future.

Lake Eppalock

The fishing has continued to be slow at this location. But by November we should be seeing some quality fishing at this location. There have been some terrific inflows into the lake.

The lake is currently at a very high level and still is receiving good inflows; the water levels should continue to rise. Given the wet status of the surrounding catchment we are probably only a couple of good rain events away from seeing this impoundment reaching maximum capacity. This has been quite amazing given the low water levels of a couple of months ago.

Water clarity is currently poor. If we do not receive major inflows the water clarity will improve rapidly. The rising water levels are coming over large volumes of vegetation and this does help settle the turbid water.

In the short term with the dirty water bait fishing remains the best tactic. The best baits for the golden perch are small yabbies and shrimp. The best bait for the redfin is small yabbies and gudgeon. At the present time water temperatures are still cold. The majority of fish are holding in depth of 4-5m. This will change shortly as water temperatures rise, greater concentrations of fish will be found in the shallow water around the edges of the lake.

Campaspe River

The Campaspe River has received some minor flooding. Water clarity is currently poor and will probably take some time before we see a significant improvement in water clarity. Therefore the productivity for those anglers fishing with lures will stay low until water clarity improves.

At this stage there have only been small numbers of fish being caught in the Campaspe River. The most productive areas have been at Elmore and Rochester. Small numbers of golden perch and redfin have been caught at these two locations. The majority of these have been caught by anglers fishing with worms and small yabbies.

It is exciting to see a real possibility that we may see Lake Eppalock reach maximum capacity. If this does happen and good flows of water go over the spillway, there should be some terrific fishing at this location. A week or so after the water starts going over the spillway.

Cairn Curran

This location has also received some terrific inflows. The lake is currently over 80% of capacity and still rising. There is a real possibility if we get a couple of more significant rain events we will see the lake reach maximum capacity. Like most other areas water clarity is poor and the fishing has been average. This should change shortly as water temperatures start to rise the fish should start feeding more aggressively. Because of the poor water clarity bait fishing has been the most productive method.

Loddon River

The Loddon River has experienced some major flooding so far this spring. There have been large volumes of water running down the system. This is exactly what was needed. There is a very good chance that there will be some more flooding down the Loddon River this season. It will be terrific for the long-term health of the river.

In the short term however water clarity still remains poor, so the productivity of those anglers fishing with lure remains low. This should probably continue for some time in the future. If you plan a trip along the Loddon River in the short term it would be a good idea to do some bait fishing.

Something we haven’t seen for a long while – flood waters up into the scrub.

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