High water means fat fish
  |  First Published: November 2010

What a month! The rain has finally settled and everyone has been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

With Lake Hume now nudging just over the 80% mark, families lining the banks bait fishing the freshly flooded grassy banks have been a common sight, which has been great to see for school holiday visitors and the locals alike.

Everyone I have spoken to has been getting onto trout, redfin, yellow belly, and the ever-abundant carp. Worms are the favourite bait to use as with the fish moving up into the flats they would be gorging themselves on the worms and small bugs coming out of the ground.

A running sinker rig would be best and a either open bail arm or loose drag will allow the fish to take the bait without feeling the weight of the sinker as it takes a run before swallowing the hook, but make sure you don’t try to remove the hook in undersized fish; it’s best to just cut the line to ensure a safe release.

Lake Hume

Bank fishing around the lake has been productive as mentioned earlier, but those getting the boat out have also been successful in picking up trout trolling Lofty’s Cobras and McGrath lures.

The odd yellow belly is being trolled up, but those that are bait fishing amongst the now-underwater trees are also managing a few good fish.

One angler hauled up a cracking 5.5kg yellow belly while others have caught them around 2-3kg. With signs like this we are in for a red-hot summer.

Areas to try out are Kookaburra Point, Ludlows, Ebden, and Bowna reserves as they’re easy to get to with the kids for bank fishing and the fish should be hanging around until the food drops off.

For those willing to drive a bit further there are reserves all the way to Walwa and Tallangatta.

Local Rivers

The Victorian side at the base of the lake wall is starting to pick up as the water temperature continues to rise. Yella’s and small redfin are coming on, not in big numbers at the moment but this is likely to change as more people get out there fishing the area.

The Kiewa has slowly started to lower but even though I’ve see people trying to fish it, I feel it’s still quite fast so you’ll have to work for it.

Flyfishing would be worth a go, but be careful. Waders and fast water don’t mix.

Other Waters

Throughout Wodonga NSW Fisheries have been stocking a few small wetland ponds with baby trout for the kids through the school holidays to get outside and away from the TV.

I dropped down to one in Les Stone Park to have a look and had a chat to Kim of Wodonga. She was there with her daughters catching and safely releasing the stocked trout, which was great to see.

The whole idea of these areas is for the kids, not for the seasoned angler to get an easy catch, so please leave them for the children.

In closing, get out there and enjoy the nice weather with the kids before it starts to get to hot.

Kim with one of the recently stocked trout, just before she slipped it back into the water.

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