Trout and salmon in excellent numbers
  |  First Published: November 2010

Alpine rivers and streams are in excellent condition and continue to produce lots of trout and salmon according to plenty of reports received over the last few weeks.

Bogong High Plains

Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley lakes are fishing well during the day this month, with mostly rainbow trout being caught from around the edges on lures and live bait presented under a drifting bubble float.

The most productive area is reached by driving across the wall to just past the boat launching site, where deep water meets the shallower trout feeding areas.

Lake Guy

Lake Guy at Bogong Village is in excellent condition and fishing well, with most catches occurring around the edges as anglers ply the waters with lures. Many brown trout to around 450-500g are being caught, according to reports.

The two inflow streams are currently producing some nice trout to 450g on lures as well.

Kiewa River

The Kiewa River is flowing well with superb fishing conditions ensuring anglers catch their legal bag of trout easily. Local anglers report seeing high numbers of trout, mostly browns, in the river this year, although many are a bit small, reaching around 400-450g on average.

Live bait fishing with worms is still having a good effect on the catch rate, with trout to 750g being caught in the stretch from below the pondage outflow down to Ryders Bridge at Tawonga.

West Kiewa River

The west Kiewa River is currently producing numbers of brown trout to 450-500g on lures, according to reports. The scale of difficulty with access to the west Kiewa will probably rise as summer approaches, due to increased streamside vegetation growth after such a wet spring.

Ovens River

The Ovens River at Bright is running nicely this month, having eased off significantly as rainfall has eased and any remnant snow melted. Numbers of brown trout to around 500g are being caught on live bait and lures in many old and quite a few new locations, where the recent floods changed the course or character of the river.

Upper Ovens River

The Upper Ovens River is worth a mention this month, if only for the fact that it is producing numbers of salmon that escaped from the local trout farm during the recent floods.

One local angler reported taking two salmon, weights unspecified, from the west arm of the upper Ovens on lures last week.

Lower Mitta Mitta River

The lower Mitta Mitta River from the township of Mitta Mitta to Eskdale is flowing well and producing numbers of about equal numbers of both brown trout and rainbows on drifted live bait, especially scrub worms, according to reports.

A late report to hand reveals that several rainbow trout that weighed in excess of a kilogram each were caught on lures recently at Bowlers Lane.

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