Spoilt for species
  |  First Published: November 2010

November is a great time to fish the Pin as there are so many different species available.

The usual suspects are bream, whiting, flathead with the odd jew, squire and tailor thrown in. But as the water temp increases we can expect to see a few mangrove jack, estuary cod and trevally.

Traditionally muddies and sandies start to come on again, but this year they never really went off, probably due to the large amounts of rain over winter.

Where they’re biting

Bream can be found pretty much everywhere around the Pin and should make up the bulk of most catches. There are plenty of small to medium size fish, which are great fun if you’re taking the family out for the day.

For larger bream concentrate your efforts towards the last two hours of the incoming tide and the first of the run-out tide around Kalinga Bank, Cobby Passage, Rocky Point, the mouth of the Coomera and the Seaway. Using larger baits like banana prawns, half pillies, strip baits and big balls of mullet gut will entice the larger fish.

Flathead stocks are going from strength to strength, as shown from the 3000+ fish caught and released in the Flathead Classic. Drifting using either baits or soft plastics is a great way to cover a lot of area chasing a fish that is an ambush predator and lies in wait to strike. They will come up berley trails and will follow hardbodied lures over long distances, so be sure to work the lure to keep them interested. The best time to target this species is on the out going tide along Kangaroo Island mud flats, top of South Straddie, Kalinga bank, Top of Crusoe and Canaipa Passage.

Whiting are also about and they love bloodworms and live yabbies. They will take prawns, squid and pipis; stick with the live bait as it works. Try around the Gold and Green Banks, top of South Straddie, near Couran Cove and Tipplers Island.

Jew and tailor have been hit and miss all year. Some good school jew should be around Marks Rocks in the Logan, the Powerlines, and along Kalinga Bank to Swan Bay. Tailor have been very sparse with only small schools coming through the Bar. The beach across from the Bedrooms will be your best bet for some better tailor.

Mangrove jack and estuary cod can be found in the same spots. They take up residence in among sunken trees, rock walls, pylons, and anywhere there is cover. Don’t go chasing these fish with light gear, use 40lb+ gear; but even then they’ll probably still win.

Live mullet, strip baits, pillies and herring should tempt them. Try Cobby Rocks, Kalinga Bank, rock walls in the Logan and Pimpama rivers and any snag that looks good.

Trevally cruise the shallow sand flats looking for food and will hit a variety of lures and baits. We get them in 2-4ft of water trolling hardbodies and in 50ft off Kalinga Bank and Swan Bay. They are a great fish that put up an awesome fight and can be found with schools of tailor.

It should be a great crabbing season as well, so definitely take the pots out with you.

It’s going to be a hot summer so don’t forget to cover up during the day and apply the mozzie spray at night. If you have any reports of fish, any questions, need to order bait or just want to yarn, give me a call on 07 3287 3868. Come in and see me at Gem Bait & Tackle on the way to the Pin or e-mail --e-mail address hidden-- .

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