2010 Blue Fin Boats Flathead Classic
  |  First Published: November 2010

The 2010 Blue Fin Boats Flathead Classic was an extremely windy and unforgiving event that saw anglers and teams struggle firstly to master the conditions and then, try to tempt a flathead to eat their lures.

Rising above the rest was the experienced crew on Team Hi Seas (Ross McCubbin/Brad Job/Ben Job) who spot hopped from the Gold Coast to the Pin to secure a hard fought and very well deserved win. And I can assure anyone reading this that even getting into the top 20 was a feat of endurance in itself as a blustery south east wind ripped through the tournament from the moment it started to the minute it finished, making every angler work very hard for their fish.

Other major winners included Team Hi Seas’ Ross McCubbin taking out Champion Senior Angler with an impressive 1829 points, Gold Coast Sportfishing Club president Christine Hunt taking out Champion Female Angler with 542 points and Jake Neilson from Team Whitewater Marine taking out Champion Junior Angler with a very impressive 782 points.

Some major statistics for the event showed that over the 2 1/2 day event, competitors in the 161 teams landed and measured an impressive 3417 flathead that were all released and the biggest flathead landed for the event was a massive girl of 91cm, which was caught by David Whyte from Whyte Boys Can’t Jig. And as befits the overall champion Ross McCubbin measured in 15.91m of flathead himself!

The Event

Held from September 30 to October 2, the 2010 Blue Fin Boats Flathead Classic was a pleasure to be involved with again. The tournament headquarters at the Gold Coast Fishing Club’s rooms in Southport was spaciously organised to include plenty of room for competitors to relax, eat and drink and for sponsors to display and sell their wares. The crew from Carlton Mid were there with their Carlton Mid truck, releasing several tagged flathead for their Rich Fi$h promotion where registered competitors had the chance to win $10,000 by catching one of the tagged flathead.

Briefing night on Wednesday saw all competitors gather to register and collect their impressive competitor kits with a competitor only Ruff n Tuff Flathead Classic fishing shirt included. Dinner was laid on and then it was into the serious stuff with a run through of rules, a talk from Fisheries about green zones and a visit from MSQ about the dangers of the weather that was about to smash into the tournament field. In fact it was iterated several times to be extra cautious as 30 knot winds from the south east were predicted on the first morning and many anglers left early to get a good night’s sleep and ponder their plans for the tournament given the wild conditions.

Our team decided to visit south facing banks to hopefully get some control over the wind and avoid a pointless pounding so areas such as Crusoe Island, Tiger Mullet Channel and other south facing banks would be our target.

As predicted Day 1 was windy and we were very wet by the time we had reached Crusoe Island at start fishing time of 6:30am. We weren’t the only ones trying to find shelter from the wind on Crusoe and we knew it would be a busy place for the entire event as the wind forecast was only marginally improving for the duration of the tournament. But we persisted and put together a few fish, the biggest going 63cm. We really only scored 10 fish all day and were behind the 8 ball from the start. Still there were plenty more teams who did it harder and by day one end we were happy that we had caught any fish at all.

Predictably, the top teams of Team Hi Seas, Galeforce Boats, BushnBeach and Team Sands were right up there at the end of the first day with all teams finding a way to get nearly 1000 points each, bringing gasps of amazement from most competitors who had struggled in the tough conditions.

Day 2 dawned and the wind had decreased to a more manageable 15-20 knots and plenty of teams were keen to try their luck in the ‘good’ conditions. We headed down to Cobby Cobby and worked lee banks again for a few fish, but up until lunch had few scoring fish to show for our efforts. Shayne McKee suggested a move and we trolled towards a series of shallow areas just west of Cabbage Tree Point. At worst we would be close to our launching ramp as the wind just refused to die down.

This trolling proved a surprising success and we came across a patch of very good fish in water that we would normally by-pass. 4 hours later and we had amassed 1000 points for the day and we were glowing with our own greatness (well actually we were thinking how blindly lucky we were!). Shayne had done most of the damage as flathead after flathead kept smashing his Lively Lures Micro Mullet in water that was only 4 feet deep. Shane Juttner and I kept catching fish all afternoon, but their size was disappointingly small and McKee rose up above us in a very impressive display of fishing.

Back at the tournament venue we were amazed and surprised to find that our team had climbed from somewhere in the mid-30’s up to competing with the Top 10 teams. And to top off a great day in harsh conditions, Shane Juttner won one of the nightly raffles, so even if he was our ball and chain on the scoreboard, he still went away with a swag of prizes.

Again the top three or four teams showed their class to outfish everyone and put a bigger break on the field and Team Hi Seas were cutting a swathe through the flathead population with some precision trolling and casting at carefully selected locations.

The last morning heralded another windy, but thankfully short day that saw the tournament hours drop from 6:30am through to 4pm down to 6:30am till 12 noon. Most competitors were still fired up as the wind looked to be dropping out and at 6:30 on our chosen trolling track we had our first hint of sun and no wind. Shane Juttner and I got an undersized flathead each within 5 minutes of lines down and as the wind magically reappeared and the heavens opened up on us in a big way, Shayne McKee stepped up to the plate and started to show us just how to catch a flatty on the troll.

It was eerily scary watching McKee go to work and until that morning I had thought that with three trolled lures out the back, surely one angler could not catch all the fish, but he did! And it did not matter on lure colour either as Shayne used three different lure colours throughout the morning. And the lucky model was our favourite Lively Lures Micro Mullet with green, gold, brown and pinks all working.

With two hours left on the clock we threw caution to the wind and headed to the Pin to fish a bank that had wind on it all tournament. Our theory was that this bank would not have been fished because it was just too windy to comfortably fish. And on our first drift in 15 knot winds, McKee got into another good flathead and even Shane Juttner and I managed to get a few late fish. It was a vital 300-odd points in the last two hours that jumped us from nowhere up to 5th place overall. But the best part for our team was seeing Shane McKee leap frog lots of talented anglers to finish as Runner-up Champion Angler to Ross McCubbin. And for those in the know on the Flathead Classic, to get close to Ross is as good as it gets as he is a flathead dynamo!


In the wash up the weather really did impact on where and how competitors fished. It certainly altered our plans. Plenty of fish were still landed and the event went off without a hitch again, which is a great credit to the organisers and the Gold Coast Sportfishing Club.

The full results can be found on the Gold Coast Sportfishing Club’s website so log in and check it out. Better yet, plan to fish next year as the entire event is well run, an awesome experience and a great opportunity to get on the water and catch a few flathead.

Winners are Grinners

Ross McCubbin is no stranger to victory at the Flathead Classic and when teamed up with Ben and Brad Job, they make an awesome team of talented anglers, the year representing Team Hi-Seas.

This year, with the weather and fish being so extraordinary, we took the time to have a chat to Ross and find out what he did differently to maintain his stunning form in this event.

“Given the windy forecast we sat down as a team and planned on fishing areas that would not be so hammered by the wind,” said Ross.

“We knew that banks such as Crusoe would get hammered by angler traffic and that the good deepwater found along Kalinga Bank and out the front of Swan Bay would be next to impossible to fish, so out came the map and we planned a milk run of spots.

“On day one we fished a deep bank near Cobby Cobby Passage with DOA soft plastic jerkbaits and nailed some good fish. After a couple of hours the fish dried up, so we went shallow looking for more fish. This change of tactic saw us bring out the trolling lures and rods and start to comb some banks with Lively Lures Micro Mullets.

“Day one was really successful on the troll for us and set a pattern for the rest of the event.

“Day two saw us again hit the deep water early, but the fish were not there so we went back to trolling with a little bit of casting here and there. In one spectacular hour we landed a heap of flathead from about 65cm up to 75cm and this set up our day.

“On the final day we slowed a bit, but still scored enough fish to take out the event as a team and that is what was important to us,” finished Ross.

Ross said the lessons learnt included the need to be versatile in your approach and have a number of spots available to you for the varying conditions the Flathead Classic invariably throws at you. He believes many anglers are too interested in casting plastics or jigging deep water and forget about trolling or casting the shallows.

Finally Ross said that to be successful over a long period you need to master all the options. Be a good deep water angler, know how to cast lures in the shallows and remember your trolling runs. And with the runs on the board, who can argue with Ross’s theories on flathead fishing?

Major Winners

Champion 3-Angler Team:Team Hi Seas

Champion 2-Angler Team:Team Hinterland Tavern

Champion Angler Senior:1829 points Ross McCubbin - Team Hi Seas

Champion Female Angler:542 points Christine Hunt - TT Lures

Champion Angler Junior: 782 points Jake Neilsen - Team Whitewater Marine

Longest Flathead Senior:91cm David Whyte - Whyte Boys Can't Jig

Longest Flathead on Hard Body:87cm Murray Whitford - Popeyed Scarey Dogs

Longest Flathead on Soft Plastic:91cm David Whyte - Whyte Boys Can't Jig

Longest Bream:Kevin Clarke – 36cm Basswackers

Longest Estuary Cod:57cm Paul Flanders - Team Ol' Trout

Longest Mulloway:92cm Doug Burt - Dougie's Team Tackle World

Longest Trevally:52cm Shannon Glover - Ah Well

Longest Whiting:41cm Jared McKean - Dusky Tigers

Longest Tailor:46cm Allan Davies - The Marlin Hunter's Health Retreat

Most Metres Senior:15.91m Ross McCubbin - Team Hi Seas

Flathead Caught:3417

Top 20 Teams

1Team Hi Seas3506
2Bush n Beach Fishing2790
3Team On Strike2712
4Galeforce Boats2654
5Queensland Fishing Monthly2429
6Team Sands2111
7Team Whitewater Marine2048
8Whyte Boys Can't Jig1981
9Get Jiggy With It1947
10Sons of Guns1866
11Popeyed Scarey Dogs1840
13Team Hinterland Tavern1793
14Dead Fishy 21775
15Smash Tackle1748
16Flatty Flatteners1723
17Team Blue Fin Boats1675
18TT Lures No2 - Tough TT's1666
19Pig Lures1608
20Austackle Anglers Connection1577

Individual Senior Results

11829Ross McCubbin
21425Shayne McKee
31311Chris Stratford
41164Robbie Daly
51058Keith Stratford
61034Steven McConnell
71030Wayne Lodington
8991Michael McErlean
9983Brett Rayner
10972Christian Cross
11965Ben Job
12944David Whyte
13916Jason Heller
13916Mick Stewart
13916Kim Jones
16911Paul Missen
17907Ashley Sands
18898Scott Whitfield
19887Mathew Tyler
20882Brett Howell
21866Geoff Carey
22853Tony Moore
23844Tony Le Masurier
24824Mick McKinnon
25811Shane Gartner
26799Brendon Knight
27797Tyler White
28786Murray Whitford
29776Guy McConnell
30769Brad O\'Rourke
31744Tolga Kayas
32740Barry Martin
33736Darryl McMahon
33736Chris Paterson
35735Dean Thomson
36722Brad Callaghan
37712Brad Job
38700Franco Martinese
39692Craig Judd
40688Kelvin Williams
40688Jeffrey Callaghan
42673Grant Flesser
43666Nick Whyte
44657David Green
45656Oliver Braben
46649George Sands
47648Nathan Brown
48636Tony Zann
49628Mark Cherry
50622Brad Sanderson
51607Graham Dodds
52606Robert Slavin
53594Chad Paterson
53594James Nishida
55591Darren Mann
56588Marty Zietsch
57583Paul Tamis
58581Craig McKenzie
59573John Poole
60566Mick Broun
61563Luke Jarzynski
61563Russell Jordan
61563Aykut Ahmet
64559Tim Kiepe
65555Carl Shiell
65555Danny Sands
67542Christine Hunt
68540Mark Grice
69536Joshua Pagura
70532Dave Litzow
71531Stephen Booth
72519Scott Clarke
73518Mark Johnson
74515Charles Felsman
75490Damon Nichols
76489Effy Stylianou
77488Sean Pallent
78483Daniel Folley
79481Nathan Lapham
80473Shane Juttner
81468Joel Scott
82457Kevin Smith
83453Allan Brice
84443Glen Jackson
85441Luke Slavin
85441Dean Lapham
87439Nick Catasti
88438Mark Wetton
89432Glenn Crawford
90430Michael Green
90430Ian Woodward
92424Shaun Bryant
93423Ben Richards
94421Doug Whaley
94421John Siggs
96413Luke Moore
97409Bernie Frauenfelder
98402Shaun Harrington
99400Daniel Hermon
100399Alan Osborne
101397Chris Bell
101397John Thwaites
103393Darren Borg
104390Lam Ta
105384Clinton McClennan
106379Jamie McKeown
107375Evan Zikos
108372Mal Palmer
109371Simoon Cross
109371Brendan Whyte
111369Mal Stapleton
112368Tracey Mammen
113367Phil Manetta
114362Peter Hanckel
115360Stuart McCready
116356Daniel Hickey
117355William Milfull
118350Paul Neilsen
119348Brad Farrell
120347Thomas Ryan
121346Jeff Robinson
122339Matt Kair
122339Neil Decker
124333Dean Hanckel
125332Mark Pidd
126330Corrie Clarke
127315Andrew Morgan
128311Kevin Ballantine
129309Shane McGrath
130308Steven Piggins
131305Doug Burt
132299Irene Robertson
133291Michael Fox
134290John Bartsch
134290Barry Lawson
136289Rob Hatfield
137287Igor Jansen
138285Murray Rogers
139283Wayne Duncan
140282John McGrath
140282Michael Angus
142281Shannon Glover
143276Steve Akhurst
144275Matt Green
145273Brock Sangster
145273Rodney Milkins
147272Dale Giddings
148270Scott Waine
149268Tim Hutchison
150267David Spencer
151265Christopher Gribble
152261Steve Clenton
153260Lance McFayden
154257Grant Waine
154257Keith Woods
156255Denis Kliendienst
156255Mark Torrens
156255Mark St Ledger
156255Nathan Andersen
160249Brendan Geraghty
161248Ray Kibble
161248Phil Alder
163245Phil Shaw
164241James Paterson
164241Mark Whiteley
166239Xavier Helmy
166239Eugene Allen
168238Jonathan Van Look
169236Kevin Clarke
170233Gavin Dunne
171232Allan Davies
172231Will Holmes
173229Rhondda Wetton
173229Marc Borlase
173229Shane Weedon
176227Aaron Mitchell
177222Ian Thorne
178221Craig Lockhart
179220Tim Stylianou
180219Charles Britton
181218Christian Pulvirenti
181218Bobby Pajuoja
181218Andrew Grzegozewski
184217Scott Cuttance
185212Ben Maher
186211Shane Kliendienst
187210Remco Jansen
188209Luke Miller
189208David Hill
189208Terry Ryan
191205Kirk Tomalin
192201Scott Gregory
193200Robert Cox
194193John McGrath - Salty
194193Jarod Douglas
196188Brett Martin
197184Scott Bowen
198182Rae Bocher
199180Dean Bentley
200178Brendan Lydement
201177Shane Brown
202175Ben Keyworth
203174Michael Vacca
204173Karl Sexton
204173Paul Gill
204173Dale Story
207171Lee Hennessy
208170Morgan Treacher
209166Scott Merucci
210165David Newton
211162Kelvin Hill
212161Bevan Manktelow
212161Sue Clark
214160Jared McKean
214160Paul Flanders
216154Bruce Ruttley
217149Blake O\'Loan
218148Michael Nicholson
218148Brad Donald
220147David Maroske
221146Troy Dibben
222145Bruce Andersen
222145Danielle Cox
224139Jason Miller
225138Sheldon Trigg
226137Danney McDowell
227135Gerry Harrison
228133Keith Braithwaite
229130Lindon Wilkinson
229130Nigel Constable
231128Sebastian Rubinsztein-Dunlop
231128Ramon Spiller
233127David Eastwood
234125Trent Hopkins
234125Jamie Douglas
236124Michael Audrey
237123Dale Haw
238122Trent Hunter
239119Scott Sellens
239119Craig Mackay
239119Ian Sangster
242113Ken Hard
243111Joshua Donald
244109Dave Goodyear
244109Kevin Thorne
246108Dave Wareham
247107Duaine Lurman
248105Tony Donnelly
249102Bill Audrey
250101Gary McCabe
250101Craig Bright
252100Julian Percy
252100Dan King
25495Jeff Endres
25495Mathew Robinson
25693Troy Ryan
25693Mark Hird
25891Phil Duncan
25891Darren Azzopardi
25891Trent Jepson
26188Peter Thompson
26188Phill Hill
26387Cameron Powell
26484Wayne Somerville
26582Chris Topham
26582Gerry Wilkins
26780Michael Hughes
26780Stephen Wilson
26975Mark Horswill
27073Peter Harrison
27073Glen Birch
27271Dwayne Taylor
27271Peter Lockhart
27470John Hockings
27470Joakim Odlander
27667Mark Greer
27766Brad Manktelow
27766Ron Thorne
27964Mathew Robinson
28063Rob Danckert
28162Anthony Fullarton
28261John Bocher
28360Sally Bedford
28459Steve Dunlop
28459Phil Trattles
28459Alex Mollison
28459Alan James
28858Luke Holden
28957Jamie Duncan
29055Bernie Hockings
29153Grant Wood
29153Andrew Lewis
29352Melinda Abblitt
29449Joel Griffin
29449Kevin Lappin
29648Dean Prystasz
29648Michal Coad
29846Graeme Wallermann
29945Jodie Simpson
29945Graeme Endres
30143Scott Leader
30240Steve Dean
30240Dean Rogers
30240Roy Latter
30525Grant Johnson
30525Stuart Dowie-Bridges
30720Scotty Hannan
30815Nic Murrel
30910Mike Cole
30910David McKean
30910David Lynch
30910Josh Pyers
30910Robert Bell
3145Josh Smith
3145Tanya Fletcher
3145Tony Winders
3145Wayne Hughes

Individual Junior Results

1782Jake Neilsen
2612Stuart Grice
3587Brad Landon
4366Kai Sanderson
5353Brayden Maroske
6331Will Akhurst
7277Jacob Stapleton
8265Fletcher Kibble
9193Hudson Kibble
10192Stephanie Ballantine
11161Nicholas Newton
12152Corey Donnelly
13150Lachlan Harrison
14145Hayden Myers
15134Jake Vacca
1696Thomas Milfull
1776Jarrod Greer
1868Kyle McDowell
1953Marcus Hird
2046Connor Bright
2130Rhiannon Newton
2220Riley Lydement
2310Jack Hockings
2310Charlie Endres
255Samantha Moore

Three Person Team Results

Team PointsMetresNo. Caught

Team Hi Seas350634.4778
Bush’n’Beach Fishing279036.7088
Team On Strike271226.4060
Galeforce Boats265418.4336
Queensland Fishing Monthly242926.3261
Team Sands211126.7568
Team Whitewater Marine204817.7539
Whyte Boys Can't Jig198112.5423
Get Jiggy With It194722.7058
Sons of Guns186617.0040
Popeyed Scarey Dogs184023.7960
Dead Fishy 2177519.0345
Smash Tackle174816.7538
Team Blue Fin Boats167535.12103
Team Flatulence157524.0661
Beats Workin152611.3424
Team Live Vision148621.7059
Mad Huis136021.5360
TT Lures130311.9326
The Marlin Hunter's Health Retreat124816.1341
Team GBU101310.5728
Team Pato97710.1525
Sun Zapper96615.0938
Bias Boating Warehouse9298.6920
Grumpy Old Men8997.9317
Team Dog82411.7829
Lifestyle Plus81810.7227
Team Jager7469.4923
Dougie's Team Tackle World73711.2427
Team Atlas7349.0922
Team Flat Chance7287.6518
Team Shake’n’Bake70614.3641
Team King Green Keys5504.9511
Pink Bits5225.9614
Broadwater Boating5036.1715
Team Beer and Bullshit47613.3736
Keep It Cool47410.1529
Beauty and the Beasts4736.8521
Pure Fishing4719.5725
Bush Remedy4536.7218
No Bananas41010.0929
Team Water Scorpion3975.0413
Duck All3876.5218
Advanced Fish Nutrition3598.4923
Team Tight Lines3569.9627
Dusky Tigers3545.1613
Austackle I3307.7920
Team Virtual House3182.064
The Enemy and the Handbrake2345.1014
The Lizard Wizards2272.396
Burford Blanks1450.691
Team Nover Hettich1431.012
Trawl Blacks930.862
Coomera Houseboats820.541

Two Person Team Results

TeamPointsMetresNo. Caught
Team Hinterland Tavern179319.6650
Flatty Flatteners172323.6764
TT Lures No 2 – Tough TT's166613.7932
Pig Lures160818.3544
Austackle Anglers Connection157728.0073
Dyslexic Luckhead Flatwits148116.8941
Team What the?142111.0923
Team Next Year12559.3919
Anglers Connection Team Outlaw116325.6874
Team McCready's Deceivers115910.0622
Team Rattler104714.2236
Bork & Budgie103618.7751
Team JAM98512.7731
Team Gutz9718.3718
Team NillFish95812.0730
Ah Well8548.3219
The Lizard Ticklers7875.4711
Flathead Fetish7698.7821
Bad Company72811.1531
That Dam Team6754.569
Dawn 'Til Dusky6674.328
Team Currumbin Marine66613.0433
Flickin It6666.4014
Team Nitro6637.3518
Drop Kings6448.9323
Fishing Demons6076.5916
Team Terry59413.6538
Blind Date5674.6310
Team Ol' Trout5576.5216
Platycephalus Fuscus5505.3212
Team Burley Boy5247.4419
City Towbars Fishing Team5215.9314
Lunch Box5185.3312
Grey Ghost5096.7217
Lethal Lizards4574.6811
Sebile Lures River 2 Sea4548.0721
Big Deal4345.3514
Flick and Jerk4103.859
Kakadu Annexes4005.5714
Flathead Tragics3997.8921
Team 2403925.1713
The Saltys3736.4312
The Flick Wits3644.1711
Dongen Em3343.829
Bundaberg Marineland3283.599
Shimano Squidgies2943.9610
Team Siwa2925.7616
Team Nover Clark2902.415
TAM Rubber2872.014
Lockie's Team2852.676
Boys From the Bush2716.7519
Crack A Flat2521.643
Lucky Catch2431.613
M & Ms2413.188
The Minnows2273.8510
I'm On2264.3712
Team TCMS2181.814
Team Ocean Star1871.694
Raw Deal1832.717
Team Jagged-It1782.125
Team Yellowfin1563.289
Team OverNover1503.8410
The Cod Squad1471.293
Dodgy and Tangles1471.634
The Hirdinators1461.995
Flat Out Fishin880.561
Team Tool870.852
Screaming Reels833.269
Two Shags on a Rock520.441
Team Attack Boats352.617
Reads: 6179

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