Bream action heats up
  |  First Published: November 2010

November is a great month to get together with some friends and spend time pursuing the piscatorial delights of fishing.

With water temps are on the rise, it’s time to dust off the surface lures, put on some new trebles and get casting for bream.

Cicada action up river will be building and the first cicadas of the season will be little black beauty cicadas, so a small black lure is the best place to start.

Tree lined banks and weed beds up river from Dennis Bridge will be good spots. The action should start near the gum trees on the southern bank when heading up river.

When casting to the bank make sure the lure is as close to the bank as possible. Leave the lure to settle, then twitch and wait.

On the weed beds long casts are the key. Twitch the lure a little longer to attract fish in the area, then pause and wait for the strike.

Pencil lures, poppers and fizzers will also be worth a try on the weed beds.

When fishing the weed beds be prepared for some whiting to show up and take a liking to your lure, as these tasty critters will soon be firing in our estuarine systems.

For bait fishers, whitebait will account for a lot of bream and flathead this month.

Fish the whitebait on ganged hooks and start with no sinker on the flats. Then over the weed beds add the smallest sinker that you can manage.

When chasing bream it doesn’t have to reach the bottom; drifting mid-water is ideal for bigger fish.

However when chasing flathead aim to put the bait on the bottom and the bites will come.

Garfish will also be a viable option in the early hours and late evenings. A little berley will get them schooled and then bait up with either bread or small pieces of peeled prawns.

The entrance to Limeburners Creek will be a hot spot, but traffic could be a problem, so get out early and hook in.

Anglers choosing to walk the stones or try the beaches can make good catches with month, with bream, mulloway, flathead and whiting all viable options.

If you’re looking for some mixed bags then head south to Grants Head and Dunbogan Beach. However if you want to be species specific then choose your spots, prepare your baits and put in the effort.

Mulloway are a reasonable target off the beaches, and fresh worms are the prime baits.

North Beach will be the pick of the spots, just find a suitable gutter with a deep entrance and some good water flow and you’ll catch fish.

The time of day shouldn’t be too important, however half-light and overcast conditions will genereally be more favourable.

Tailor numbers can be very fickle at this time of year, but these fish are still worth a spin.

The rocks around Tacking Point Lighthouse and Point Perpendicular are good spots to spend some pre dawn and early evening sessions.

Metal lures will work if the fish are active, or well presented pilchards are a good back up option.

Remember to vary the speed of your retrieves until you find the one that switches them on.

Finding the right depth could also prove more successful this month; depending on the baitfish in the water, they could be on the surface or down deep. Mix it up to get the best results.

Those heading offshore will be inclined to start thinking about the pelagic species, with mahi mahi, kingfish, tuna and the odd marlin on the cards.

Heading north to the bait grounds to collect slimies is vital to ensure you have the best baits. But those wanting to stay closer can still focus their attention on bottom bouncing and come up with some viable catches.

Flathead will be ready to chew straight out from the bar.

Those chasing some snapper can use either bait or plastics with the best starting point off Shelly Beach in around 15-20m of water.

For those fishing further south, then Tacking Point and Peterson Reef will be the best options.

Over the past couple of months good fish have been caught in close off the golf course, but this month these fish should be pushing wider as the inshore water temps rise.

So take a mate fishing this month and enjoy the weather and the wonderful fishing on offer. Why not take a non-fishing pal for an outing and get a mate hooked? You teach a man to fish and he learns to live forever, because fishing has to be the most relaxing and rewarding pastime on the planet.

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