Best water levels in many years
  |  First Published: October 2010

Since my latest report we have had some very good falls of rain in this region and now our lakes and rivers are looking the best they have in many years.

The Wimmera river has received some very good runoff and had been flowing strongly for a number of weeks, in fact all the way to Lake Hindmarsh which had been dry for a number of years.

Most of our lakes are now well up in capacity as compared to this same time last year which is great news for everyone in this region.

Rocklands Reservoir

The water levels have slowly been on the rise here over the last few weeks and as a result the trout and redfin have been very active. A number of rainbow trout around 1kg are being taken, mostly off the shore at the wall on scrubworms and mudeye. A few brown trout to 2kg have also been about as well in the same area.

Good numbers of redfin are being taken also at the wall area with good fishing to be had from the shore and from small boats. The redfin are mostly being taken on lures such as Stumpjumpers and Rapalas, but bait fishing with worms and gudgeon is also producing some good fish.

Many redfin have been small, but the larger ones are around 1-1.5kg.

Lake Fyans

The fishing has really come alive here now the lake is rising steadily after all the rain. The inlet area has been fishing well to anglers lure casting and flyfishing with rainbows around 1kg, a few large browns and a number of good size redfin around 1kg have also been taken in this area lately.

Good lures have been Celtas, Jensen Insect spinners and small minnows. The best flies have been large wets such as Woolly Buggers and Mrs Simpsons.

Boat fishing has been good with the ever reliable mudeye under a bubble float working well right across the lake. Trolling with Tassie Devils and small minnows is also working well now and the weed has been very manageable now after the lakes’ rise in water level.

Lake Wartook

This is a great time of year to be fishing this lake, especially now after the lake is nearly full again! Good brown trout to 2.2kg are being taken but most are averaging 1kg.

The best method of fishing has been to fish mudeye under a bubble float near the wall or at any timbered or reedy areas. The trollers have also been doing well, mostly on Tassie Devil lures. A few good size redfin have also been taken amongst the trout.

Flyfishing has been good, with the lake now covering new ground. I have been doing well flyfishing the north end of the lake where the creeks flow in.

I just walk the banks slowly looking for fish foraging in the shallows and have been picking up some nice browns on the Weirs Roughy fly and Woolly Buggers. I have also been getting a number of redfin on the fly here as well.

Taylors Lake

The fishing is starting to fire up here again, especially at the inlet area where the redfin have been going mad on Ondex spinners, soft plastics and vibe lures. Most of the redfin are around 500g and in good numbers. A number of big carp are also being caught at the inlet area.

The lake itself is fishing well with redfin, carp and a few yellowbelly taking baits of worms, yabbies and gudgeon around the timbered areas.

Not much lure fishing has been taking place due to the dirty water in the lake putting people off but it may still be worth a go, particularly with vibes.

The fishing has been good whether land-based or in a boat. As we get a few more warmer days, this lake will really be fishing well, especially for the redfin.

Wimmera River

The river has been flowing well now for a number of weeks since the big flood and the fishing has been very good lately. I have been fishing below Horsham weir and near the showgrounds and catching many small to medium size yellowbelly, good size redfin, carp as well as a few silver perch and catfish. Bait fishing has been best with worms and yabbies working well for me.

Other anglers have been doing well at lower Norton, Quantong and at Dimboola. Bait fishing has been the most popular method of fishing here lately and the sheer numbers of small yellowbelly in the river is a big positive for many future seasons of fishing here to come.

As we head toward summer, the fishing will only be on the improve here I am sure and lure fishing with small divers and spinnerbaits will also be well worth a go.

An average size brown trout caught at Lake Wartook by the author using mudeye for bait.

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