Lake Hume rises rapidly
  |  First Published: October 2010

Rain, rain glorious rain! What a month, just about every river in Victoria has broken it’s bank and lake levels have jumped in the tens of percentages, for example Lake Hume has risen from 35% well into the 60s.

With a good chance of Lake Hume hitting close to 100% it looks likely to be a very busy season into the summer. So on that I think a lesson on boat ramp etiquette is in order.

If possible get as much ready for the day of fishing as you can at home, but if you can’t get it done at home make sure you park away from the ramp and prepare everything before you head down to launch your boat. Once on the ramp, be as fast as you can. If you need some assistance just ask someone, the majority of people will be more than happy to help you out in order to get everyone out on the water quicker. This will keep the locals and visitors happy.

Lake Hume

November will see the running of the Lake Hume Classic on the 6th and 7th, a comp that is very orientated to families. Entry is $60.00 for Adults and $25.00 for juniors. Entry includes a gift bag as well as a BBQ dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and best of all for the little (and big) kids, the water slide at the park is free for Saturday evening, and Sunday. This should be a great event and a heap of fun, so get out there between now and then for some practice.

The fishing in the lake has been quiet as the rain and muddy water has kept most anglers away. Despite the poor conditions, I have seen a few cars at the ramps, so there are plenty of keen people out there. Although I haven’t had a chance for a chat with the boaters, I have said hello to a few people bank fishing with bait, reporting limited success.

I would say this is due to the speed in which the water is coming up, but keep at it, you never know that monster golden perch or trout might be lurking around.

Once the water settles and starts to clean itself, the fish are bound it come on, and I’m hoping the schools of redfin will be like a few years ago (when the lake was last at a high level) and smash everything you put in front of them.

If you’re out, have fun make sure you wear your life-jacket, especially if it’s busy.

Local Rivers

Well, let’s just say the rivers have had a good flush, even into some people’s living rooms.

Not good for them, but good for the system. The Kiewa, Wodonga creek, and the Murray above the weir have all broken their banks, so it hasn’t been advisable to even try to fish them.

As the rains ease off the rivers (like the lake) will settle down, but one place wasn’t affected and that was the Murray below the weir wall, The waterways haven’t increased the flow so the water there has stayed low, not that the fishing has improved, but it is worth a go.

Other Waters

Allans Flat is still worthy of a go. Even though it’s pretty dirty, worms and Powerbait are still producing small trout.

Be careful though as I have had small turtles take my bait and swallow the hook, so it’s best use better quality hooks, cut the line and try not to remove the hook it will break down in a matter of weeks and the turtle will be fine.

I’m hoping to get out to the lake in the next few weeks to try out a few new lures that are out on the market, ready for the golden perch.

If you’re out and about and see someone asking a few questions, it’s probably me so feel free to come and say hello.

Also any questions about what’s going on locally, you can email me at --e-mail address hidden--

Murray cod will really benefit from this spring flush.

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