Turn up the heat
  |  First Published: October 2010

Boy has it rained and it has just kept on coming, with the whole area copping an absolute truckload of water as I’m sure you are all aware.

With this much rain in such a short period of time there are positives but also negatives. The positives are on towards 60%. (Just over a month ago Goulburn Murray Waters forecast to reach 58%). It’s already there, and who knows where it will end up.

Bear in mind last spring the lake went up approximately 20%. The down side to so much rain is the damage and personal heartache caused by the floods. Spare a thought for the guys at the Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm, who some 18 months ago had to deal with the fires and the loss of stock and now the floods have hit hard again: it’s great for some, tragic for others.

So next time you’re cruising through Buxton pop in and support the guys and catch a fish to help out.

Fisheries Victoria is calling for regular trout fishers of the Goulburn River to join the Research Angler Diary Program. Participants will be supplied with a research diary and ruler to record their catches during their normal trout fishing trips.

Information collected from Goulburn River Diary Anglers is important in helping Fisheries Victoria understand the Goulburn River trout fishery and the success of trout stocking. If you are interested in joining the program please contact Taylor Hunt on (03) 5258 0256.

The Lake

With the water level going up so rapidly water clarity is poor and fishing has been very tough to say the least, with reports of very few fish being caught at all.

On a recent trip to Bonnie Doon it was a great thrill to have water 7m deep under the bridge. But the colour of the water up this end of the lake was like iced coffee and a fluoro pink plastic 50mm under the surface could not be seen.

Only nature will determine when it will clean up enough to start fishing well but when it does clean up and the water temperature comes up there will be smiles all round I’m sure.

There are a lot of floating logs and debris in the water with some just below the surface so beware and take a carful approach.

Rivers and Pondage

These waterways are even dirtier than the lake, and fishing is near on impossible but you never know your luck – the water will certainly clear in October once the season stabilises.

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