Starting to get hot
  |  First Published: October 2010

What a terrible snap of weather. It was great for the trout guys as our local creeks and streams are full of water, but it wasn’t much fun for us salties.

However, September showed us a sharp increase in water temperature to the mid-13C.


This temperature increase was great for the plastic casters, as some large flathead started to move into the shallow sand flats and weed beds. With the aid of an electric motor, you could creep up on some very large flathead well over the 50cm mark getting warmed up in shallow waters.

The key is to put a descent cast out and use about a 1/8oz jig head so that the lure doesn’t get choked up with weed. Also a shallow-diving suspending lure, of which there are too many brands to mention will also do the same job provided there isn’t too much surface weed.


There is still some great salmon fishing to be had, however too many anglers go over to McLoughlins and Manns and come home disappointed thinking the fishing is no good. If you want to catch swag of salmon, tailor and trevally, you need current, and more current the better.

My favourite times are towards the end of the high tide, where there is plenty of water and current, and the first few hours of the run out tide, where again, there is plenty of water and current.

Once the tide drops to low and the current gets too slow, the fishing gets very tough and the salmon don’t feed anywhere near as hard. An option at this stage of the tide is to use vibe lures, as you can fish them slow and on the bottom and the trevally love them.

Also another degree warmer water and this will be a killer method to target pinkie snapper in the shallow water.


The good thing about owning a tackle store is that I get to see all the latest and greatest lures to hit the Australian market. Like any tackle rat out there, I can’t help but spend all my money on these great looking lures and I have too give try at all my favourite spots.

This year I have really been sucked into these new bibless style surface lures. Some of the lures are made especially for a ‘walk-the-dog’ style retrieve.

For anyone that hasn’t used one of these lures, give them a go. The action they have will make your hairs stand up and when a fish takes them, one strike will make a whole day’s fishing worthwhile, even if that’s the only strike you have all day.

There’s great potential during salmon season, provided the salmon are willing to come to the surface and aren’t stuck on the bottom in 4m plus water. Also, fishing the sand flats for big flathead in spring and summer is going to be one of my main pastimes this year. Fishing structure for perch during a flat high tide or run off will probably some of the most exciting fishing you’re likely to ever have.


There are still plenty of garfish around the shallow weed beds, and I have been doing my usual trick of catching a salmon or tailor first then cubing him into little pieces to make a berley trail.

This method requires our good friend Mr Tide. If you don’t have any run, then the berley doesn’t work so at slack tide it’s very hard to catch garfish. Some gurus say only the run-out tide is good for garfish however this year, my best day on the gars was on the run in tide, so I think that theory is incorrect.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544, you will get expert advice and great deals on fishing tackle.

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