Trout season full steam ahead
  |  First Published: October 2010

It looks like we are going to have a good trout season statewide for months to come.

In central Gippsland, we didn’t get quite the downpour that other parts of the state. I guess you could say we got the perfect amount to the creek levels up and looking the healthiest that they have been in a decade.

Our local small streams fished great. They had a little bout of colour and were flowing beautifully. Traralgon creek looks fantastic. There are loads of trout as well, and I would almost say it looks like it has had a full recovery since the fires. The good thing about having the healthy water flows that we have, is that all fishing methods are working quite well.

If you want to drown some worms, there are some really good deep pools that you can do so with a small running sinker. Yet if you want to float some unweighted worms down the rapids, you can do that to.

With the faster moving water, spinning with Celtas, hardbodied or soft plastic lures is working great to. If you’re a flyfisher, you can’t go past a large bead head nymph in hares ear or any dark colour. Size 10s are standing out in the faster water and are catching plenty of fish. The fish haven’t been huge; their averaging 25cm however there’s plenty of them. The Morwell River is producing much better-sized fish.

It has been running a bit harder and more discoloured after a rain, yet there are plenty of brown trout measuring 35cm plus in length. The river has been popular for flyfishers lately, and most are catching a higher quantity and better quality fish than they have in along time.

Again, because of the high water levels, large wet flies are working well. Not too many anglers are using dry flies yet, however a soon as we get a few warmer days, I’m sure the dries will start working a treat.

The Tyers River was another river that fished well, it was running fast and a little discoloured, yet it producing loads of 30cm brown trout. The soft plastics work really well here due to the fast flow and snaggy areas.

Blue Rock Lake has also been another great spot to hit. There are a lot of anglers fishing it with kayaks now due to the boat restrictions on the lake. Most anglers are trolling Tassie Devils and catching plenty trout ranging from 35cm to 45cm in length. There’s even the odd fish over 1.5kg being caught and plenty of anglers are seeing very large trout jumping in the snags, so it’s worth a look.

It’s also good fishing off the banks and I know some anglers that have being catching lots of brown trout and redfin near the wall end of the lake on unweighted worms fished very close to the bank edges.

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