Wet and wild at the Glenelg
  |  First Published: October 2010

Like everywhere else we have been bucketed with rain.

Adding to the rivers dirty condition is the amount of rain the Glenelg’s catchment area has had. A massive amount of water is still to come down the river, so it will be a while till the estuarine effect the sea has on this end of the system takes effect and we see some clearer water.

At present the fishing is definitely all deep water targeting in the salt wedge under all the fresh.

The recent ABT qualifier in Nelson yielded tough fishing due to the huge fresh water top to the river. All the bream were caught off the bottom where they were hanging in the more saline water.

Vibes with a shinier pattern were the major lure used, with some of the guys and gals down sized to a finer treble hooks quickly ripping them once they worked out where they might be hanging in the hope of hooking a bream.

Catch of the weekend was during the Friday pre-fish where Stephen Wheeler pulled in a very nice 15.2kg on only 2kg line!

So what do we expect from the dirty waters of the Glenelg? With the amount of flood water that is still to come down from our catchment area to the north I can’t see the water clearing for a good month or so, thus targeting deeper water will still be the go.

My old mate Jack Houlihan is still getting nice bream off his shack up at Donovan’s Landing. Cut/whole crab or the claws still his number one bait; he casts out as far as he can and has had exceptional success for weeks now. In fact whilst the ABT comp was on he would have easily won with his bag of 34 – 39 cm bream he landed.

I have also heard of similar stories from the estuary and as far up as Hutchessons landing. Fish 5-6m of water, again best baits are crab, whitebait and bluebait and this should see you with a feed.

Mulloway are still being caught down at the estuary, not in big numbers but with the size of some it still is worth a crack. It only takes one good fish over 7kg to fuel a lifelong obsession with these magnificent trophy fish. Trolling live mullet at present is quite hard as the fresh water top is killing the bait in the live wells, try putting some beach sand in your tank to help preserve your precious bait – the salt from this will help with the salinity level. Try and weigh your trolled baits down with a bit of split shot.

Brighter coloured lures are the go; the Rebell Fastrack lures in a gold colour, and Blade style lures in a shiny pattern are worth a piff as well.

Estuary perch catches have been a little hard to get a slant on and I was surprised I didn’t hear of too many caught during the comp weekend, so I daren’t even try and guess where they are at present.

The upside to all this flood water coming down the river is the clearing effect it will have on all the sand that has been choking the estuary for years. We will hopefully see the return of a better channel and some deeper holes that used to be down in the lower section of the estuary.

I have some great memories of the fishing down at Holloways drain trolling around in the putt putt in about 1-3m of water, ripping in mulloway to about 9kg – fingers crossed.

Call us at the pub for any fish news or advice on what Nelson has available for accommodation and attractions.

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