Salmon keep anglers happy
  |  First Published: October 2010

It has been a tough month for fishing following all the rain and wind we have had, has an adverse effect on the fishing.

The beaches have been producing fish, but the weather has not been comfortable to fish in with most temperatures not exceeding 17C and have been cloudy, dull and damp with few days without at least a shower of rain each day.

When the weather has cleared for a short period or someone has been brave enough to try their luck, they have been rewarded with some smaller Australian salmon, the odd gummy sharks and there has been the odd large shark hooked by the guys brave enough to paddle large baits out.

Salmon on the beach

The salmon have been taken along the length of the beach, which is normal for the Ninety Mile Beach. They haven’t been in large numbers or in large sizes, but they have been taken on baits of bluebait, pilchards, whitebait, pipi, squid and surf poppers.

Metal lures are still taking fish, with the usual lures like Raiders, Lazers, Halco slices, Gillies Baitfish and many more in sizes of 20-50g with blue, green and white all being good colours to start with.

Eastern and Lake Tyers beaches are always good places to start when you are looking for a salmon at the eastern end of the beach. Loch Sport through to Seaspray beaches are generally good productive beaches to target salmon as they constantly produce fish. Woodside Beach is probably the best beach at the western end of the Ninety Mile Beach to look for a salmon.

Sharks tough

Bad weather conditions have made it tough when targeting gummy sharks with the rain and wind making it uncomfortable for the angler and the wind stirring up the water with a lot of suspended sand in the waves which makes it difficult for the fish to breath in this type of stirred up water.

However as the weather settles and warms up it will be better conditions for these sharks. Fresh baits like salmon and tailor strips, squid, pilchards and sauries are all worth using around the new and full moon periods into the night.

Loch Sport through to Woodside are all good beaches to fish when targeting a gummy, as this area tends to have good deep and wide gutters that the gummies prefer. As the water warms there will be a few other species like school, hammerhead and bronze whalers all making appearances when targeting gummies.

Once the weather has cleared up we should have a cracker of a season, so it would pay to get out there and give it a go.

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